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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Befuddled Tuesday.

Yep, that feeling when you wake up the day after a "Monday" Holiday and you can't remember what day it is!  That was this morning.  When Rozy came in to inform me it was 7:30 my response was a mumbled "" thinking it was Sunday.  Talk about false starts, as I just rolled over, grabbed Angi through our pig and teddy bears and fell back asleep. 
Ten minuets later...
In walks Rozy, a tad bit more insistent this time.  At this point I realized there was a reason for the urgency and went about my begrudged morning rituals.  Not so oddly enough little Miss Miranda was wide awake and mischievous even though she had kept Angi up the majority of the evening, having not wanted to sleep.  The prevailing opinion around our house is the presence of an otherworldly apparition,   "The Blue Lady".  Yes, not sure exactly how this got started, but pretty much everyone in the home insists that they have seen movement, heard sounds, felt things etc.  Me?  Not so much.  But perhaps it is my natural, older age cynicism that prevents me from seeing the same things.
Anyway, off on a tangent there, sorry.
Yesterday, being a holiday, was expectantly Sloooooooooooooow....
Sent the Haro BMX to a new home, had a couple minor repairs, but for the most part we worked on bikes.  Yea, go figure!  Of course, my penchant for demanding quality, self motivation and attentiveness resulted in me having a couple "Daddy Moments!"  As I started the day working on the real sweet K2 comfort bike, I had discovered that not only was a crucial part missing from the clean bucket, but that the other half of it's parts were inexplicably put in another bucket, then placed in a completely different location of the shop!  OH YES!  That kind of disorganization is cause for me to go into a "Daddy language" laced tantrum.  Then of course, that particular bike kicked my butt for the better part of the afternoon, as both the disc brakes AND the front derailleur gave me a run for my money!  Once I finally got her done, I went on to a men's "Daily Banger Special!"  Here again, leading me to another tirade as ALL the parts that had been removed and presumably cleaned were nowhere to be found!  Seems they had been placed in a bucket, misplaced then found and sorted back into store stock!  ARRGH!!!  At this point I threw up my hand, stated an ultimatum forcefully that they had five minuets to find ALL the necessary parts, and I was going to use the restroom!  Apparently that motivated them, for when I returned, all necessary items were in place.  I had to stress that was what was supposed to happen with this many folks in the shop, production should multiply exponentially, not make my job harder!
So, today all is quiet, as the kiddos are back in school and Elijah is helping Mom at the house as she makes final preparations for her trip on Thursday.  Now here's an enigma I don't get.  Last time I took a real vacation was in 1988.  I was visiting Florida (in June of all times) and would be here for two weeks.  I packed the night before.  Angi is going away for five days and started packing...two months ago?  WOW!  Talk about organized!  She has a couple more things to procure and she will be ready.  God love her! 
Elijah, now having been stripped of all his electronic toys and doodads, has FINALLY got the hint that Mom and Dad are serious about him getting a job, and went to the mall to apply for work last night.  He caught wind of a placement with one of those "center of the mall" attractions.  This one is some "Kiddie Ride" Bungee jumping thingy that you see in fairs and carnivals.  So, in effect, if he gets the job tending the ride and helping the kids on and off, the next time I introduce him to someone I have the deliciously Redneck privilege of saying "And this is my son, Elijah, the Carney!"
Oh Joy of Joys!
Now all I have to do is spend my off time in a dirty white wife beater, with my feet in a kiddie pool, drinking a beer shouting at the neighborhood kids "Get off my damn lawn!"
I'm so proud....*sniff*
Now I best get my lower half in gear, and get some more rides put together!

ONLY $155.00!!!
ONLY $75.00!!

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  1. Hey, that bungie ride in the mall is COOL! I once asked the guy how much for one way to the food court. Took him a minute to get it. I think Elijah would have a blast at that thing!