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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Rhythm Method.

Nope.  Not what you think! 
On any job site folks working in close proximity of each other have to learn an unspoken pattern to move, a rhythm if you will, so as to be as productie as possible.  Now, with three people working in a tight space I am starting to see signs that perhaps we may one day achieve that!  Yesterday we were able to put out FOUR newbies!  Two of them were mjor pieces of effort!  But in the end we got some FINE looking rides out!  Elijah roughed out a "Big Boy" Raleigh touring bike and a gorgeous 98 Marin Limited edition!  As well as doing the final prep of a  SWEET, LIKE NEW ladies cruiser!  We also (and heres where we 'cheated" and boosted our numbers with a consignment piece) got in an absolutely fabulous '87 Trek 560 Pro series!  This guy REALLY took care of his ride!  Recently he had it upgraded wit a set of dbl walled Mavic rims, and a set of Michilline tires, as well as stepping up the drive from a 105 to a 600!  But have no fear, he gave us the original 105's back if you want to bring it back to original!  Elijah also roughed out a Giant road ride, that's sitting in need of new tires.  Originally I was going to give it to Logan, as he needs an upgrade, but once he got on it we realized it was a WEE bit to big!  The paint on it is really rough, but perhaps someone will pick it up as a "DAILY BANGER SPECIAL".
We got a couple of goodies in trade yesterday as well, one of them a males three speed cruiser.  It has been in the shop four times over the last couple of weeks as one of our regulars has been very  nice  to allow his grown son to use it.  Apparently, disregaurd for what a parent does for their children runs rampant, as he has willfully beat this ride to death.  Dad finally had enough and just said "keep it.".  The bulk of the bike is unsalvageable, but the three speed drive and shifter is exactly what we need to finish up a real nice Fuji 3 speed we've had sitting in the back for some time!  HUZZAH!!
Good things come to those who wait!
Angi is getting geared up for her trip to PA at the end of the month.  She is looking forward to seeing her niece graduate, and reconnect with family (not to mention lounge at the hot tub in their hotel!).  It'll be a nice five day break for her.  The boys and I are doing split duty holding down the fort, so THAT will be interesting!  Especially as it is right around the time the kiddos get out of school! 
Had another of those "ten minute rule" sales as well!  I gotta tell you about this one!
Now mind you, I take NO pleasure in any sort of  "I told you so sort of way" about this.
OK....a little.
A very business type of guy came in the tail end of last week looking at one of the Specialized hybrids we had.  Suit and tie type, middle aged, obviously high powered salesman.  I gave him the skinny on the ride, he took it for a jaunt around the neighborhood and really dug it.  Mind you, several folks had been looking at it, and when he told me he was interested but was going to "think about it" I smiled.  Now, in the past, I have not wanted to sound like a used car salesmn and "warn" folks about what will most probably happen should they choose not  to buy a ride they really like when they see it, but in the recent past, we have had far to many folks either disappointed or upset because the rides they wanted were not here when they got back, so I have gotten in the habit of doing so.  When I mentioned to the gentleman that fact, he turned to me and smirked a very "George Bush Jr." smirk and proceeded to tell me that he had been in sales for over forty years and people who say the are coming back to get something never come back!
I tried to explain to him (foolishly not wanting to back down from a challenge) that things around here were a different animal, but he looked down on me as a patronizing parent would, and stated he'd come back in later if he decided to get it and was sure it would be here, and left with a chuckle.
22 minuets later....
A lady who had looked at it the day before, and was very intrigued with it but was short on dough at the time, came in a snatched it up!
two hours later....
The exec showed up, having perused some other local shops and obviously discovered just how much he would be expected to shell out for a NEW hybrid, came back in the shop with a grin, intending to pick up the bike he KNEW was still here, only to stop short at the now void space where the Crossroads once sat. 
At this point, I tried very hard NOT to adopt the self same smirk as I feigned busyness, waiting for the shock to wear off and for him to regain his composer enough to ask "did you sell the hybrid" (as he didn't even turn around to look at me when he spoke)
"Yes sir" I responded through a suppressed smile.
He paused.  Then, still not meeting my compassionate gaze, stated "thank you" and abruptly left.
Bottom line.  We don't DO high pressure sales, and we have NO reason to lie or make false statements about what we do!  Our customers speak for us!
All right folks!  Stepping away from this self aggrandizing back patting fest, I best move on as we got us some heavy chores to do!  Elijah is gonna' love me today as his first task will be "Sorting Spokes!!!!" 
See ya soon!
ONLY $80.00!!
ONLY $170.00!!
ONLY $350.00!!
ONLY $310.00!!!

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