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Saturday, May 3, 2014

*Blink* Where Did The Time Go?

Yes, hit one of those pesky time vortexes yesterday.  Hit the ground running when we got in, did all my morning schtick first thing and was at the work bench by 9.30 hammering away.  Finished up the sharp looking men's dual shock MTB, then went on to the classic Peugeot.  Which was a BEAR!  One of those "Each problem led to a new one" kind of rebuilds.  The forks were bent, so we dug through our stock and luckily found an identical vintage chrome tip with the same color!  WOW!  That, like happens, like...never!  But the hardware was the wrong fit.  Dug through that drawer(s) to find the right one!  ARRGH!  Then of course the quill was wrong...then the bars...which led us to build an improvised commuter.  Which wasn't all bad as it ended up being a sharp looking upgrade.  Once that was done and out, got a text from my lovely wife wondering where I had been all day!?  We text or call back and forth at regular intervals during the day to keep tabs on how each of us is doing, but when I saw the time stamp on the text it was 1:49 PM?!  Where the heck did the day go!?  No bloody wonder I was hungry!  Sputtering out an apology for loosing myself, we regrouped, ate a quick lunch and went back at it!  Perhaps the trouble was in the fact that our days are usually marked by breaks with visiting customers.  It breaks up the monotony and keeps us aware of the time.  Unfortunately, yesterdays icky weather seemed to have kept folks away!  It's a shame.  I only pray to the Gods that this is not an indication as to how this years season is going to run.  Last years rains were tough!  Don't need a repeat! 
Last nights Movie night was a repeat (Meet The Robinson's) but the little ones had never seen it, and the other ones barely remembered it, so that was good.  It was only interrupted by another brief authoritarian challenge by our resident teenager, having a confrontation with Angi regarding the use of  a tablet.  Finally, when disrespect reared it's ugly head I had to break out the "Daddy Voice".  The one that inadvertently makes the little ones either cry or run for cover.  I hate using it, and reserve it only for special occasions.  Disrespect to Mom being a BIG one! 
But then we continued with the movie and once over shuffled the kiddos off to bed.  Of course once Mom and Dad finally laid their heads down, Miss Miranda woke up again, and as her bottled leaked out onto the bed (rumor has it I didn't put the lid on tight enough,  A rumor I hotly debated!) By the time we had stripped and changed her bed, she was wide awake and calling for her "mama".
Once again, Angi had to stay up (for how long, I don't know) and by the time I laid my head down it was 3 am.
Hence why we were late this morning!  I probably wouldn't have woken up when I did (I killed my alarm) were it not for a panicked Owen rushing in to save the day with a shake and "Daddy!  It's 9:30!  Your late!" 
My Hero!
Of course, with the skies already weeping, I doubt we were missed!
SO, that brings us up to date, and now I must get back at it!  We are trying to get through some of these kiddo bikes so we can walk in the back! 
See ya soon!
ONLY $95.00!!
ONLY $180.00!!!

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  1. Whoa, nice Peugeot! Someone's gonna get a real sweet ride there.

    Good job, Steven!