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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Let's Get BUSY!!

Oh we DID!
As Angi leaves tomorrow morning for her sojourn to PA, we amped up the production yesterday.  At the last minute plans had changed.  Originally, Elijah was to sit for the baby girls at the house during the day when Angi was gone.  However.  As Elijah starts his new career at the mall (supposedly, that is, as it has been labeled as training) he will be starting Friday afternoon, so that means not only will I have the little ones here, but the older ones will show up after school.  Oh, they behave relatively OK when they are here, but get bored quite easy, and will more then likely require my attention throughout the day.  Needless to say I will have to keep my hands clean while dealing with Miranda (who likes to get picked up a lot)  and won't be able to do much as far as building bikes.  Repairs are OK, as I don't get that dirty doing them.  So in preparations for the downtime, we spent all of yesterday and will do so again today, banging out rides!  And MAN did we get some done!  Seven to be precise!  3 men's 26" MTB's, 2 Ladies 26" MTB's and two kiddo bikes!  NICE!  Also have three more torn down (two of them being combined to make one good one) and a REALLY sharp looking aluminum Schwinn MTB!  That was is SPARKLY!! 
We also managed to pump out ALL the repairs first thing and one of them was a full tear down and refurb on a gorgeous Giant down hiller!  Thanks to all for extending their trust and faith in us!
Oh Chip, by the by, if you are reading this, came across something the other day I think you may be interested in!  Don't have my sweaty little hands on it yet, but as soon as it is I will shoot you an E-Mail.  I think this one is right up your alley!  All our love man!
On the home front.  Much of the same, thankfully.  That's sad when chaos is looked upon as normal.  But in true cliche fashion, on the rare occasion I ever walk into our home and am not greeted with noise, yelling or a cacophony of calamity...I wonder what's wrong.  Of course, in Elijah's eyes I am sure Mom and Dad are the devil, as we had him relinquish ALL of his electronic equipment until he got a paying gig, but he covertly withheld his IPOD and headphones, which he was caught with and quickly relieved of.  Of course he grasped for a loophole as he stated we only specified the phone and PAD....ARRGH!!  Apparently an IPOD, in his mind, does not constitute an "electric device" as you charge it by plugging it into a computer and NOT a wall outlet!
Oh yes...this is the anti-logic we face!
*thud, thud, thud* (me banging my head against a wall)
As stated, I will be working on pounding out some more goodies before we convert the place into Romper Room for a couple days, so talk to you soon! 

ONY $80.00!!
ONLY $40.00!!
BOYS 20"
ONLY $30.00!!
ONLY $80.00!!
MEN'S 26" MTB!
ONLY $65.00!!
MEN'S 26" MTB!
ONLY $75.00!!!

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  1. Oh, you SO have my attention!


    I was headed up your way today, until I got all sidetracked in Clearwater and had to go back across town to Home Depot- which I had just come from. That's ok, good reasons. Glad to do it.

    We are supposed to have a rainy day here tomorrow (Thursday), so it might be Friday before I get up your way, but I WILL get there!