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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Fixie Chick!

I think I created a monster!
Yesterday I finished Rozy's new ride.  I took a vintage ladies 24" 3 speed that we have been tripping over around here for some time, stripped off the gearing, thus leaving it in high gear, then removed the old worn out 24 X 1 3/8 tires replacing them with a bright yellow set of 4 X 1 racing tires (a very ODD size indeed, but a gent gave us a dozen of them some time ago, and I have never had anything to put them on) but kept everything else on the bike, stock.  Fenders, chain guard and all. 
The end result? 
Now we ALL have to keep up with her on the morning ride to school!!  I'm not exaggerating when I say, before, on her old MTB when we rode to school, the boys were always two blocks ahead of us, with me behind her, and I barely pedaled!  Most of the time I would have to brake because I was coasting to fast!!  Now, a good stand up and heavy pedal for a dozen turns and she is off like a shot!  She even seems to be adapting a body forward, aggressive stance, not unlike some fixie bike messenger!  And the important thing is she is not whining about having to ride!  This morning she couldn't wait to get on her bike!  Oh, I see a fixie bike in her teenage future!
Sooo cool!
Today is field trip day at the kids school.  Angela is going with, as they all go see a baseball game at Jay's Stadium.  That's where the teams compete to throw a puck over the goal line to get a basket trying to get the opposing team out while hoping to make a birdie?  I think.  I don't know much about sports, so feel free to correct me.  But, it's a moment for her to capture and treasure and I know the kids have been looking forward to having their Mommy to themselves.  At the house, it's all about Miranda and Izzy, so it' a good break for them all! 
Elijah has baby duty this morning, to his chagrin. 
Angi rode in with us this morning and had a brief moment of coffee with me before she headed out.  It's the first time she has been on her bike in a couple months (her recent exploratory forbade her riding for thirty days) and she took to it like a fish to water.  Although we did have to top off her air as her bike was dormant for to long! 
Yesterday was a busy day, thanks to all the folk for paying us visit!  The repairs, as always, a welcome part of our day!  Had another "we are going to think about it, ten minute rule" sale.  And it was unfortunate.  A very sweet couple came in looking to pick up a bike for their friends 14 year old daughter, a present I assume, and fell upon the vintage, white, Ross three speed, declaring it perfect.  In true modern day style, she broke out the IPAD, snapped a pic, sent it, and were awaiting a response.  They stated it may take a couple days to hear back, and asked if we could hold it.  Unfortunately, to be fair to all shoppers, we don't hold anything.  First come first serve.  They understood, but went away with the impression "it will still be here"
...20 minuets later.
After Owen and I had left for home, another lady came in, saw it, fell in love and quickly snagged it up.  Not to surprising.  Hopefully they will like one of the blue ones!
My first project of the day was a bit disappointing.  I'm working on a REALLY nice, high end Orbea comfort hybrid.  This frame has been sitting in the shop for close to 8 months, but we finally got in enough of the right parts to put it together last week.  Or so I thought.  It sports front and rear disc brakes, and we had the real sexy alloy rims off of a high end Giant we got in for parts (busted frame) and the remainder of another Giant (busted seat tube) that one being the sweet pedal forward design.  The combination of parts gives the ride a SWEET upright seating position for relaxed cruising.  But after having spent the better part of the day wrestling with the brake calipers (spent the entirety of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (GO JOSS WHEDON!) cannibalizing four to make one good one) and trying to find enough cable housing to run the pass through, not to mention LONG enough cables, I thought I had her all together, so I took her out for a test run!
Then found out the rear cassette chamber was no good!!!!
And as I do not have the proper tools to do that fix, we had to set it aside until Elijah can take it to our buddy Bullet for a rebuild!
Needless to say, I didn't get anything else done!
So, today I'm sticking to the easy stuff!
So, get off your behinds and get out and enjoy the BEE-U-TEE-FULL day! 
While they last!
See ya!

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  1. Steven-

    You can tell Rozy I think she's gonna make a GREAT Fixie Chick, and any time she wants to take Queen Anne's Revenge for a little test spin, she is more than welcome. Just don't let her see "Premium Rush" until she's, like, FORTY!