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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Late Start

Odd start for a Tuesday, all upside down.
Came in this morning and the feet hit the ground running!  Usually I start off with all the computer work, but we had a steady stream of folks coming in one after another.  No complaints mind you!  I'd grown accustomed to the norm of later morning visitors as is customary, and had all but forgotten the summer ritual.  As the warmer weather encroaches in on us, more and more folks do their running around in the earlier mornings and evening hours.  No problem, we'll adjust. 
Yesterday was relatively quiet for the better part, as most repairs came in pretty much all at once.  Had a return visit from the vintage Raleigh we had spent three days re-furbing.  I'll explain.  About one out of thousand bikes we see in here are, for lack of a better term, cursed.  No, I don't necessarily believe all the mystical connotations attached to that statement, but the facts is, there is no better way to describe it.  You fix every obvious issue, but are then confounded by new ones, defying any rational explanation as to why they are occurring.  Once this one was finished, the gent took it out for a ride, prior to which, he topped off the air in the tires.  Perhaps he put a wee bit to much in, but as he was going along he had a catastrophic blow out in the rear (no, we had NOT changed the tire) and this resulted in destroying the rear derailleur, free wheel, cable and damaged the NEW rear wheel we had just put on!  ARRGH!!!  Now, it sits re-re-repaired and we hope for the best!
Once again, I found myself primarily preoccupied with the task of circumnavigating EBAY yesterday, so I didn't hit the repair rack until about 3 pm  with just enough time to polish off the repairs for the day.  Elijah roughed out to new rides, and I will be getting to the fine tuning in a few moments.
We also have to throw together two new rides for Owen and Logan as not only have they outgrown their old ones, but they have pretty much beaten them to death as well.  Plus, now that Rozy has her single, she blows everyone away each morning and they need to keep up.  Full day in other words and it's already half over!  ARRGH!! 
All right, I've done my bit for literary history, now I best get at it!

See ya soon!!

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