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Thursday, May 29, 2014

I'm Leaving, On A Jet Plane (Sung to the tune of "I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane")

Yes, today Angi has escaped the constricting confines of the cacophonous, chaotic compound and is, as we speak, undergoing strict air terminal security to prepare for the first leg of her journey winging her to La Gaudier then on to PA.  There she will meet the entirety of her immediate family, and as with all who are forced to endure such a reunion, probably immediately sense the need for a stiff drink and a lot of alone time!  Hence why, once she discovered the hotel had a pool and hot tub she ran out and grabbed a new pool side ensemble!  ESCAPE!!!!
And, in true "family" fashion, we a made her morning departure a hectic and torturous one!  When she exclaimed "how come you all can't get your $#!+ together?!"  I simply smiled and said "It's like this every morning, we are just a little quieter!"  Of course, Elijah, sensing a chance to be a smart ass added, "Yea.  He's considerate that way!"
Oh.  I have taught them well!
So, with the kiddo's in school, Kaleb meandering about until his school opens, and Elijah and the wee one's here (currently in the back room watching a Disney flick getting hopped up on donuts)  and I am taking, what is sure to be a brief few moments to get my morning work done, before Izzy is going to want to take over the computer to do her lessons on ABC
Oh yes, Angi briefed me on their morning rituals, so I know I have limited time!
Yesterday, was a wee bit quiet.  Oh, we had a lot of looky loo's, but the flavor of the week seems to be cruisers, and I am out of them right now.  Figures.  Had a bunch of them last week,,,and everyone wanted Mountain Bikes!  Ah well, eventually it evens out.
So, we put together two yesterday.  Yes, far cry from the seven the day before, but the Giant I put together was a nut buster!  No....literally.....I had to bust a few nuts off as they were rusted solid!  What did you think I meant?  It was a bike we got in about a month ago. A customer brought it in for repairs but once they realized how much it was going to take to get it running (wheels, tires, tubes, cable, housings, rear derailleur, shifters, head set, seat...) they just said "never mind" and gave it to us.  I had the boys break it down and put it in a work bucket, but I was waiting on the right parts.  Once they came available I took it out and realized some of it was still stuck together as they apparently didn't want to brave the effort of breaking the rust barrier!  Ah well!  Gave me something worthwhile to do with six hours of my time!  As it is a BIG BOY hybrid, definitely worth it!  Then I popped out a REALLY sharp looking aluminum Schwinn MTB!  That one is CHOICE! 
Today, we have another ladies Schwinn roughed out and in need of fine tuning.  After that  Well, lets just see what the girls will allow me to get away with! 
Tonight...will be lonely, but I'll muddle through. Probably send everyone to bed and play video games until I pass out.  Who knows! 
All right, I'd best get at it, as I can hear the girls are giving Elijah a hard time and don't want to watch a movie.
Joy of joys!
See ya soon!

ONLY $145.00!!
ONY $120.00!!

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