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Friday, May 9, 2014

and.....CLEAR! "Bzzzzzzzzzzzzt"....beep......beeep.......beep

Looks like there may be some life left in Florida after all! 
As of yesterday morning Elijah and I had finished just about everything we could work on (barring the couple of projects in limbo awaiting parts) and we're just meandering about in a stupor looking for something to keep us occupied, when the trades started coming in!  As well as a couple donations. One, a REALLY BIG Giant Cypress in need of...well...everything, and a classic Mongoose MTB (pre-Wally World) a very nice gent donated stating, "I think I have killed it enough!".  Also bought a couple, a real nice (or will be) light weight Marin Road bike, and a good Banger ride MTB.  Of course those have to sit out the "hold" period before we can work on them and sell them (yay), but at least we are building up supply again!  Of course, that means that Bone Row is starting to fill up again, something we DIDN'T want to happen!  We'd rather get them done and out, to keep the fresh blood flowing, but we do what we must!  ALSO, later in the day, as the weather cooled, folks started coming out and we were graced with several repairs!  Thank you all for your trust! 
And we give special thanks to all the continued referrals!  Had three folks come in and visit us yesterday looking for rides as their friends all but ordered them to come see us first!  How sweet!  Of course, we didn't have exactly what they were looking for but they promised they would visit again until they found it!  That is SUCH an awesome feeling!  To know that some folks would rather wait for US to find them a ride then go elsewhere! 
A special shout out to one of our favorite regulars, Barbra, she has brought every one of her rides in for service here, as well as her families, and even recently donated two of her gems to the cause.  Ever meet a person, who you get little tidbits of info about and you realize they must have led a really interesting life?  Well, yesterday she brought in the neatest little folding bike....

neatly folded in a canvas bag, and stated she was interested in restoring it.  With her grown son by her side (he's about my age) trying to convince her to "just get rid of it" she wanted my opinion first.  Of course, immediately I observed how unique the ride was and suggested she NOT get rid of it!  Apparently she had carried it with her in her "private plane", and now wanted to do something with it to restore it.  Quickly, I ascertained there was nothing really wrong with it except for dry rotted tires, and in need of a tune up.  But, WOW, what a neat little bike!  I'm thankful she DIDN'T toss it!
Also, another one of those "Ten Minuets Rule" sales yesterday!  And I hate it when it is a child left disappointed!  A Mom called yesterday, got directions, drove all the way here, checked out a little 20"er we had, liked it but then choose to "wait" and bring her son by, observing that it probably wouldn't sell before she came back.
Three minuets later....
Gent called, having seen the same bike listed on Craigslist and snatched it up via credit card over the phone.
Later that afternoon.....
She returned with her young son, disappointingly discovering it had been sold.  Thankfully she understood, but the young man seemed a little less then thrilled that his new bike was no longer here. 
Why do I feel guilty in those situations?
Today, we have a 24" cruiser in my rack almost done, then a classic "Power King" three speed, then onto...who knows!  SKIES THE LIMIT!!
It's Friday folks!  It's clear and sunny with the same promised for the weekend!  Best get off your keister and get a move on!  We are here to serve!
See ya!

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