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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Glad We Could Help!

Sometimes the competition is our best promoters! 
Yesterday was proof positive of that!  First, one of our newest regulars, Steve and his most awesome Cannondale, gave us a fine compliment, as not only will he recommend us to any and all who ask, but so will his friend who he brought in last week to have her Canondale fixed up.  He came by way of a disappointing excursion to another local shop sighting a "bad experience".  He had brought his friends ride back in, as it turned out her older tires couldn't hold the strain of inflation after a few years of dormancy.  We talked movies briefly, then he let us know that WE were his NEW bike shop!
Also, A gent came in later, dragging a very nice looking Jamis Boss Cruiser.  It was an older model but had been well maintained.  He was a little flustered, to say the least.  Seems he had been having problems with the rear five speed "jumping" gears.  He had brought it in to another bike shop for repairs and while summarily being dissed for wanting to continue to ride such an outdated bike, he was informed that the necessary repairs would exceed $150.00!?!?!  The employee therefore recommended that he just scrap the bike and purchase a new bike, and they just happened to have several suitable models for only $500.00 and up!  Deflated, the man dragged away his ride, contemplating disposing of it.  Thankfully, a friend informed him about us, and before he threw it to the curb, he should swing it by and give us a crack at it.
Here's where my ire is stoked!  As it turns out, the items listed needing repair from the other shop amounted to nothing!  The "bent front end and bad bearings" were only a loose head bolt, the noise caused by the "worn out crank bearings and stripped spindle"?  Slightly rusted bearings in the right pedal, in need of lubricant to free them up!  The bad free wheel, damaged bearings and bent axle in the rear end causing the skipping?  A slightly bent rear derailleur cage from when they bumped it loading it into the truck to go camping last fall!!
How much did it cost him to leave here with his beloved classic Jamis fully functional? 
Eight dollars.
Yep.  Five dollars labor and $3.00 for lubricant!
Seriously!  We hear these stories ALL the time!  We feel horrible that there are so many places willing to risk a Karmic Bitch Slap in pursuit of the bigger, better dollar!  Bottom line?  "You can't take it with you, but what you do with it when you're here, is what determines where you go!"
Managed to put out three newbies yesterday with two of them already going to new homes!  We also picked up several new goodies in trade and a couple by way of donations!  Thank you so much for that folks!
So with that, we need to get our groove on!
See ya REAL soon!

ONLY $90.00!!!

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  1. Yep. Short of a seriously damaged frame (broken/cracked/stressed), it's mighty tough to NOT fix a bike. (I cut up bad frames.) And as for old bikes, well, I bought my last NEW bike in 1975.

    Still rideable.