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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Today my lovely wife is...... something years old!  Of course it was a Twilight themed birthday party.  All the wonderful fangirl goodies we could find her (that she didn't already have!   Right down to their own line of perfume!
Hey, don't ask me...they never had Star Trek Cologne.
Not a darn thing got done today!  As fate would have it, what I was feeling is NOT a sinus infection.  Full blown flu!
So my lovely wife sacrificed her day to run the shop today, in part because I had to bring Kaleb to his hearing.  I gotta give props to Judge Day.  He's a real good sort and remembered our family.  He was the residing judge in our debacle from three years ago, and he's the one who LAMBASTED the other parties involved for their failure to do their job, and their treatment of our family.  He agreed with the defense's recommendations for probation with the possibility of early release as he said "I agree with the defenses recommendation as I know that Kaleb has  STRONG parental supervision and guidance"
A wonderful closing vindication.
After the two hour trip home (PSTA...yay) I stumbled into bed, at Angies insistence, and Kaleb helped her at the shop while Elijah took care of the babes.  Surprisingly they were respectable enough to keep it down so I could rest.
Wow.  Sometimes these kids surprise me!
Anyway.  I'm cuttin' out early to rest, Hopefully I'll be back at it tomorrow.

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