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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sign of the Season!

As with most business's (what is the plural?) in Florida the Snow Birds are a staple of our customers.  And as well we await their migratory return with eager anticipation.  For us at RE-Cycle this moment is epitomized with the return of David and Carrol.  Yesterday was that day!
A little background.  When we first started working out of our garage, we were only selling bikes.  Ones that we had from our kids outgrowing them, or those we picked from the trash on scrap runs and eventually we started buying as demand grew.  However..we hadn't started doing repairs for customers until David.  It was his inquiry that led us to do it and we never looked back.  He began to refer us to his community and was personally responsible for a tremendous part of our business.  Not to mention designing and circulating our first flyer.  Not only did he and his lovely wife help our business, but they became familiar with our family and during the "Dark Times" was a voice of comfort and support, as well as bringing us HUGE trays of food and sundries donated from his fellow Snow Birds.  Truly, it was this lovely couple who helped us grow tremendously!
So it was with no level of subdued joy that Angela and I welcomed his return yesterday.
And yesterday had many more high points as well!  Not just the flood of "referral" repairs and wonderful words of praise (thank you so much) but our list of thanks!  Bernie came in and with many intelligent questions got back into the joy of cycling after a long absence with the purchase of the Mongoos MTB.  Stewart (visiting from Ireland...Oh Angela was beaming from a visit of a fellow Irishman) picked up the Men's Magna on our "Vacation Rental".  Ken not only brought in a cool looking Mongoose Hybrid for a tune up but picked up the Ladies Schwinn cruiser for a friend in Sarasota a she was having trouble finding such a ride in her neck of the woods.  Kim was our first of the day as she had snatched up the Schwinn Skyliner shortly after opening.  And I am so happy she finally found one she liked, as she has been in many times before looking.
On the New Frontier, I was only able to finish one.  Another 24" banger for the ladies, however i didn't get a chance to snap a pic. Sorry.  But was also working on our next three wheeler as well as two other rebuilds in various stages of build, so there will be more to see on Monday.
And with that I will bid you farewell as I need to finish getting the house cleaned for my Dad has returned to the Florida region on his vagabond wanderings.
G' day!

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