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Friday, November 4, 2011

Floridian Weather Reaction.

I got a tid bit of techno-news today I found quite fascinating!  It seems that Japanese technicians have developed a new camera with a shutter speed of incredible almost instantaneous speed!  It's SO fast that it is actually able to take a photo of a woman closing her mouth.
The guy at the auto part store told me that one.
Well, now that i have alienated all the feminine readers....
Today saw winter SWOOP in, and in normal Floridian fashion everyone hid inside.  It happens every time there is a 10 degree shift either way.  But once the shock wears off everyone will come out to enjoy the rescue from summer!
We were blissfully busy besides!  With "Dirty Jobs" on constant stream, I managed to put out four more treasures today!  Another earlier Schwinn Cruiser, two men's bangers and a Schwinn Hybrid (that took some....coaxing) and even though the Dungeon looks like a bomb went off, it was a satisfyingly productive day!  Thanks to the kind folk coming in today to check out the operation.  A special shout out to the gent who is planning a cross country bike trip and want's us to build him his bike!  That is an AWESOME honor!  So we are undergoing a garage search for the right frame! 
All right, once again the end of the week and it's MOVIE NIGHT!!  Tonight....Cars 2!!
Can't wait to see the kids excitement!
ONLY $55.00!!

ONLY $85.00!!

ONLY $60.00

ONLY $70.00

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