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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What Day Is It?

Naps are a blessing and a curse.  After coming home from Kaleb court this morning my lovely wife had already gone to open the shop, and our oldest boy had stayed home today to help keep an eye on Izzy, as I had NO idea how long I was going to be at court this morn (luckily he was the first one seen) upon returning I sat down to update the blog, while Elijah had gone up to the shop to help mom with a couple re-pairs.  As Izzy was down for her morning nap I promptly passed out on the couch (it's not often this house is quiet)  With Mommas blessing a took a two hour nap.  Upon waking to Izzy stirring I had to ask myself where I was and what day it was.  That moment of confusion is strangely intriguing.
Managed to finish up a real sweet ladies Schwinn today and about 80% done on another men's "Daily Banger" then it's on to a SWEET late 60's early 70's ladies Schwinn 3-speed.  This one is choice!  it comes complete with a rear folding paperboy basket, front basket, bell, Dynamo light kit and the paint is kickin"!
Also picked up several more goodies today, a regular shmaorgasbored! 
A very nice gent and his wife came in from Sarasota to pick up the three wheeler, in their words "The best one they've seen, and the cheapest!"  NICE!  Also the aforementioned ladies MTB sold about 3 minutes after being put out, so I am definitely going to have to step up production!
With that...It's late and we are tired so...

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