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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lemon D, Very Pretty, and the flowers smell so sweet, but the fruit of the poor Lemon is a pain in the tush!

Set about working on the Lemond this morning after a full tear down last night.  This bike is sweet! 56cm and LIGHT!  OK, maybe not the featherweight of today's class of bikes, but for it's time it had to have been slick.  nice components she'll be a great catch for the wizened eye of a true believer.
there's one problem.
After finishing the tear down, took the frame out to clean off.  She was a "back of the garage" clean out.  Someone had pitched her to the curb, minus her wheel set and one of my crew snatched her up.  So scuffed and dirty I tried to bring about her inner (and outer) beauty. Unfortunately much of her paint was chipped, sadly, so after spot sanding went about the touch up.  And here's the rub..
She'd yellow.
I HATE yellow.
Two reasons.  1.  yellow is probably the least popular color for a bike.  I don't know why, but it's true, 2nd It takes MANY coats to cover properly and takes FOREVER to dry!  And, when the painting is performed by an incompetent moron who forgets to wash the grease of his hands, spot's TERRIBLY!
I'd fire me, if I didn't need me so much so if I get back before I get in tell me to wait for myself because I have to talk to myself.
Wow.  And they said the medication would help!
While the coats were drying I have also begun working on another Mongoose dual shock banger, which too has proven to require more work then originally accessed.
Yes, it's been one of those days.
Thanks to the folks for bringing in their re-pairs today, and many the interested looky loo's and re-ferrals!  Always nice to see new faces!  Not that there's anything wrong with the old faces mind you.
So tonight it's early to bed, so you all have a great night!

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