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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Practice What I Preach!

Well.  I spend my days talking to folks about the benefit of riding a bike versus a car.  And as Much as i stand behind that sentiment i don't exactly "practice what I preach".  That's not to say I use a car, OH NO!  It's just living a block and a half from where I work, doesn't require riding a bike.  Suffice to say this last year I have gotten, oh shall we say...lazy?  Not to mention expansive in the waist line.  Well as of recently I have started to ride again, and LORD I am SO out of shape!  After a mere 3 miles I am SO sore when I come back it's pathetic.
Ah well no pain medication!
Also.  Was perusing my online news choice, and at time you have to dig real deep through allot of pap and fluff to get any REAL news, but one bit of fluff caught my eye, and I guess out of morbid curiosity I checked it out.  Seems that I am not as hip on the new vernacular as I though I was use to be.  See, when I was growing up you use to call your friends....friends.  And when you were particularly simpatico with a member of the same sex, you would call them your best friend.  Well apparently that has changed for the masculine sex.  Now if you have an individual you are prone to hang with you are engaged in a serious "Bromance".
OH yes, I kid you not.  Now, I could deal with referring to them as my heterosexual life partner, but bromance?
Let me ask.  If you and your significant same sex partner are engaged in a full contact sport and your team scores a particularly intense score, would the resulting exultation be re-ferred to as a...
Today was a HECK of a blast!!  Sold the Schwinn hybrid to a gent newly arrived from Mass.  Seems the vehicle he use to get up here died shortly upon arrival but he still needed to get around.  Glad he choose the cheaper alternative.  Also sold the Cannondale to a regular who had picked up the Redline Race Inc last week.  And the treats we got in today, MAN!  Check it out.  A 2008 Giant Yukon FX!  GORGEOUS shape!  All the trimmings with front and rear disc brakes to boot!  Also put out a sweet Specialized Hybrid, which sold REAL quick!  As well as a super clean garage kept Iron Horse MT400!  Also put out two more nice men's 26" "Daily Banger Specials"!  So we covered all the bases.  I was a building fool!
Well, my Dad and Stepmother are back in town for the season, and should be hanging on weekends with them!  Have to get his bike out of the garage and in shape as it looks as if we may be hitting the Pinellas Trail en masse!
Well, have a pile more rides at the shop to keep me busy tomorrow so now it's time to chill!
ONLY $60.00

ONLY $75.00


ONLY $280.00!!!

ONLY $175.00

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