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Sunday, November 13, 2011

"I love It When A Plan Come's Together!"

For those under the age of thirty, that quote may be unfamiliar.  However, truer words  were never spoken. 
One of the ways we come up with some of the rides we do is the inspiration of a single part.  With all the buying we do we have a plethora of goodies occupying just about every nook and cranny of our little corner of the universe.  And whereas we may not use them right when we get them, they stay lodged in our collective conscious, filed away for later consideration.  There have been fender sets, wheels, reflectors, tires you name it that have been the catalyst for some future bike.  A recent acquisition of a set of black and red Micheline tires was just such a thing.  We picked them up about three months ago in a batch of parts dropped off by a local supporter who was cleaning out his garage and sat waiting for the right muse.
the Trek 330 we got in a pile of scrap last week was just such a one!  Sweet lug work, stamped frame and clean head badge, not to mention full compliment of Suntour/Diacomp components just BEGGED to be cleaned and rejuvenated, and was the corner stone of yesterdays production.
The Morning was a busy one!  Several repairs came and went (thank you all for your re-ferrals and trust!) Not to mention the Giant Yukon went out to Susan and her Beau who only came looking for a banger but couldn't pass up the ride,  No worries though, I cut them a REAL good deal!  We also found a new home in Steven, for the awesome Iron Horse!  He's looking to get back into f=riding after a long absence, and couldn't have picked a nicer way to do it!  Also had many a looky loo, but as stock is going as quickly as we can produce, we didn't have much to show.  But thanks to all the die hards who keep coming back looking for that special ride!  And congrats to KiKi.  She had had her newly purchased bike stolen the same day after she left the shop, and although she was unable to recover it, a very nice neighbor of hers heard about her misfortune and gave her one of their old bikes.  We gave it the once over, gratis, and sent her happy on her way ( a lock was her first purchase after getting the new ride!) We also got to meet Laura and her husband who are purchasing ten bikes for a local Christmas charity, we put aside four and are putting together the remaining six before Christmas.  God bless them for their contributions! 
After the rush died down I hunkered down to getting some more rides out to fill the need.  The Trek was the first, then stayed late to put out a cool 7 speed Raleigh commuter, another "Daily Banger Special" in the way of a 26" men's MTB, and a cool looking little Schwinn 20" BMX. 
As the season has begun and we are running a little light on stock, I'll be going back in this afternoon to put a few more out and will feature them this evening!
So, cheers!  As I toast you with my eye opening cup o' Joe!~
See ya soon!
ONLY $190.00


ONLY $95.00

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