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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Rubble and Debris.

It's weird the path the mind takes.  As today treaded along, and we amassed more and more bikes (yes, a buyers blitz)  2 18" little boy's bikes, 2 20' BMXer's, a GORGEOUS Schwinn aluminum Comp ATB (see below) another big framed Raliegh Road Bike, a 70's "Box Store" Brand ladies cruiser, a ladies 24" Giant (for parts only, sadly as the body is just to far gone) a 24" "DBS" fodder mtb, and a couple more I can't remember I found myself tripping as I tried to walk through the front of the shop (sorry to all visiting today who met the same fate)  And as the Dungeon and store room are just as packed I couldn't help but find myself muttering under my breath about (expletive) rubble and debris.  Which got me thinking about my days in the construction industry doing tear outs which began a path of  disjointed remembrances which eventually led to....Mork and Mindy.
Yep!  Such is the magic of my brain!
I couldn't help but recall the little diddy aforementioned via You tube!  Wow!  they have EVERYTHING!
So I decided to share with you a glimpse into my cluttered mind.
Ever seen "Being john Malkovich"?
Aside from the Schwinn we put out, also finished up the GT, but that was at the last moment before closing, and as I have to give it a GOOD bath, i'll have pic's tomorrow.
Well with that, I bid you goodnight!
2011 Schwinn Aluminum Comp ATB
ONLY $100.00!!

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