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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Motivation is the Mother of Inven...Oh Let's face it, It's Just a MOTHER!

Not willing to succumb (further) to the annoying flu bug, I plan to be active today and set out to finish up a long stagnant project.  Some wonderful customers of ours about two months back put in an order for a three wheeler for their son.  They Had already purchased three vintage pieces and wanted to get him a ride as wheel.  About three days into the project they got called out of state on work and asked if we could store it until they returned.  Well given the size of the ride we parked it in the garage until their return.  Which was last week.  There coming ion Saturday to pick it up and as I lost a day yesterday I figured best not to wait till the last moment.  So with determination in hand I set out to finish.  Being the brilliant strategist I am, all my three wheeler parts are stored in the rafters, secure behind a mish mash of wheels. one time they were organized.  SO, precariously balanced on out Gorilla ladder I set out to get the few remaining pieces I needed.  And as always, no good effort goes unpunished!  No sooner had I reached behind the pile did it decide to create a cascading waterfall of wheels, clamoring down to the base of my ladder nearly toppling me over for my troubles.
It was at this point that providence struck! 
I spent the remainder of my day stripping down bad rims, reorganizing the storage, and tearing down 7 scrap bikes for good measure.  Terry, our scrap guy will have a field day! 
So needless to say. aside from that and the re-pairs that needed getting caught up with, no new builds today, sorry! 
But there's always tomorrow!
Thanks to Vince for happening buy today and choosing the way cool Schwinn Sting Ray replica to bring home to his boy.  Dad collects old Schwinn's and thought it would be a good place to start his son!  SWEET!
Also, as always thanks to all for your trust in leaving us your repairs!
All right I had best sign off now and get some rest for the morn!

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