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Sunday, November 13, 2011

"We'll Talk Ta Bob."

Another obscure movie quote.  OK, not to obscure if your a fan of cool music and awesome car chases.

That's your only hint.
Seriously though.  Had a nice conversation with a new friend, Bob today at the shop.  He's looking to fix his current ride and up grade to a "Weekend Bike" as well.  Looking for speed, he had many an astute question.  We were more then happy to give him our limited insight.
Heh.  That and a buck fifty get ya a cup of coffee.
Today was another quiet Sunday, but we managed to get two more out, which was the goal.  Well...wanted to do more actually, but the SWEET Schwinn Skyliner needed A LOT of work.  But well worth it!  Body is SUPER nice, but mechanically?  Well, suffice to say most components were replaced.  The previous owner handled it with less then kit gloves.  But now she's as good as new.  Also put out a real cute banger BMX...clean!  And fought a glorious fight with a VERY rusted, but well worth it Vintage Schwinn MEN'S cruiser!
Yes folks, that's right!  Straight out of the final scene from "Raiders of the Lost Ark" we broke the mystic seal of the mysterious "Garage" and have delved into the dusty recesses, scouring the endless piles of forgotten bikes and dug out some more "needs-a-heck-of-alot-of-work" gems!  This one, a 26" men's 1969 Schwinn Cruiser!!!  Now, after a heated, exhaustive (and laden with "Daddy Language") battled, all bolts were freed!  (OK...some had to be cut) She now sits, fully repainted (in a way cool cast gray) and ready for reassembly tomorrow!  So to all the folks who have been cruising our joint looking for a nice men's cruiser...CALL EARLY!  You WILL NOT be dissatisfied!
OK, Now it's time to close another chapter in the exciting saga "As The Stomach Turns".
ONLY $110.00!!

ONLY $45.00!!

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