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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Bon Voyage!

With great appreciation and profound respect we bid a fond farewell to an excellent helper, Justin.  He'd been with us only a short while, but greatly impressed with his work ethic and ability to learn.  As well as his enthusiasm and energy.  He will be missed.  However, his old job called him back and it's what he really knows how to do, and is paid well to do it, so more power to him!!
That being said, it put the old man back on the front lines full force!  And today was a test of superior powers of bike mecanichness!  WOWZERS!!  I thank all the folks for coming into with their needed re-pairs!  I can never say enough how much we appreciate your trust.  Not to mention Re-ferrals!  So cool!  We LOVE to hear that someone has come to us at the behest of a friend who we have serviced before (wow...that sounded vaguely...proFEssional) .  And a shout out to all the guys working in and for the city of Clearwater public works et.all!  REPRESENTAH!  Ya'll got a tight nit group down there, and we appreciate yah keppin' it REAHHHLL!! (sorry.  watched "Undercover Brother" today.  I'm feeling a  little.....street.  It'll pass) Seriously though.  We get a lot of customers, AND referrals from the folk's that work in the city buildings, the police department, the fire department, sanitation.  You name it!  We just want ya'll to know we appreciate what you do.  (OK.....maybe not...code enforcement)
Managed to get 5 done today!! OH YEA!! 
OK, three WERE kids bikes...but 5 sounded SO COOL!  The other two... well OK, the one below really only needed a rear bearing adjust and a bath,,,but the fifth one...yea the fifth one THAT needed a full re-furbed! 
but...I didn't take a pic of that one.  I'M SORRY!  I was TIRED!!! 
OK...I'll stop whining.
SO! in the end, I have 1 pic to show you, and before you get excited, it sold about 15 minutes after I put it out.  But I'm showing you the pic just to prove that I did SOMETHING!
OH yea, BESIDES all the re-pairs.
Which I'd like to thank you all for.
For the second time.
Scratch that.
Move on.
I really don't have much more to sa.....

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