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Saturday, November 19, 2011

the Things we do for love!

Last night was opening night for the global phenomenon "Twilight" latest installment!
How did i like it? ain't Star Trek!
Nah I'm kidding! (and I value my life) The way I see it is Angie has sat through COUNTLESS hours of Star Trek and the like for me, the least  I can do is fully support her obsessive addiction to Mrs Myers "Twilight" Saga.  Hey, at least I wasn't as bad as the husband who sat in front of us and dozed off during the previews, and slept through the whole flick!  (At least he didn't snore)
In all seriousness (as much as I can muster) It was really quite good.  This one was not bogged down with countless repetitious scenes of the two main protagonists laying around in a field staring longingly at each other.  They really did tell a much better story, and the pain Charlie (Bella's father) showed in giving her away at the wedding?  Well for a Dad I can empathize with him whole heartily! 
Now God forbid, I would (rarely) dane to cast aspersions on this Megalith of a Hollywood Powerhouse (at least not where Angi could hear me) But sometimes the smart ass Leo in me just can't help itself!  Your talking to someone who was a card carrying, script reading interactive member of Halloween showings of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" (and yes, I brought toast, rice and toilet paper!) so in any movie when the opportunity arises...I interact!
And last night was NO exception.  But hey in my defence, it was the PERFECT FREAKIN' SETUP!!!!
About a third way through the movie, just after (WHOOPS, SPOILER ALERT!) the honeymoon scene where Bella and Edward finally get busy (Oh yes the tittering and cheers from a gaggle of tweenagers was a thick heavy din)  they show the Morning after, where Bella awakens in the wreckage of their Honeymoon Sweet (and oh yes, to make EVERY man in America look like a TOTAL unromantic Schmuck!  There Honeymoon took place on a PRIVATE island in a gloriously appointed beach bungalow sitting with a bed side view of the ocean just off the mainland of Rio Dijenero!)  feathers from the downy pillows fluttering around, the bed destroyed (Edward is a vampire.  Doing the Horizontal mambo with one of them can KILL a mortal) she gets up to share afterglow with Edward (who is now sullen because he hurt her) and at THAT moment the entire theatre AND screen went dark!!
YEP!  As the packed theatre became a jumble of disgruntled murmuring the intercom came on and announced apologies for the inconvenience and assurance that the film would continue momentarily, and as the entire audience was hushed at the moment that the announcement ended, it was at that precise moment that the ugly head of sarcastic wit that quivers menacingly just beneath my human veneer decided t pounce and announce loudly in the momentary silence...
"GREAT!  First they break the bed!  Then they break the movie!"
Surprisingly I got a uproarious round of laughter and applause, and to my lovely brides credit she took no offence and laughed right along with them.
Shocking, quite frankly as poking fun at the genre in a room full of Twihards is usually akin to walking into the Vatican at Christmas Mass and question the existence of God!
All in all though, it was a real fun time!
As it is Saturday, I will be pouncing on all the projects i have started in the last couple of days, as i have had to waylay them for the sake of customer repairs (thank you all so much!)  I really want to get the Lemond finished, and move on to a custom commuter I think I have finally amassed all the parts for! So with that, It's a LOVELY day, get off your tucass and get on in here!
Peace out!

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