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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

At Work Working On the Workman: Part two

Sorry to any regular readers who picked up on the erroneous posting of the same name.  After our day i settled down at the house and proceeded to update Craigslist and blog.  Well....To say the least the effort was frustrating.  First, once again we have become a flagging target on Craigslist.  Seems after "someones" little temper tantrum online they have begun a mission to wipe the "scourge" from the site.  Oh well.  Second, as I work from the sitting room at home the kids were running amuck and I accidentally dropped the laptop.  Of course the battery pack jettisoned and all of what was a well thought out and expertly written (*cough, cough*) blog was lost.  Except for the one word, "finally".  At this point I acquiesced and decided to pack it in for the night.
"Finally" was in reference to the Workman Three Wheeler Justin (his last project) and I had been working on.  She came in a MAJOR wreck having sat in the back of Chips house for nigh on an eon and was an experiment in rustication.  WELL!  Even though I had all but given up hope she could be revived a regular of ours offered to put her into his sand blaster and see what happened.  Surprisingly, although she needed some fill (and bondo) she turned out to be a real gem!  In preparation for the convergence I had taken several pics of the "before" with the intention of providing an excellent example of what we do around here...
As I use the shops cell phone as a camera and had not yet transferred the contents to the computer, they were vulnerable.  Vulnerable to a well meaning yet ill advised teenager who thought he should "lessen" the phones "overloaded" memory.  Oh yes, they all, save one are gone.  So much for the plans of mice and men.  Well at least you can get a general idea of what it looked like before (somewhat).
On to the day.
Sunday and Monday carried the momentum from Saturday and have left us a LITTLE light in the stock department.   NOT a bad thing!  We love to keep things fresh!  Angi found homes for both of  the "Old School" Mongoose BMXer's, as Jason KNEW a good thing when he saw it!  As well as the beginner BMX for KiKi who needs to get back and forth to work.  Yesterday, Scott visited and picked up the sweet "Classic: Roadmaster MTB "Daily Banger Special" for his brother, and drooled briefly over the Giant.  Jorge got a "I'm tired of walking" deal with the Huffy MTB as well!  And KiKi returned, realizing that the BMX was a tad bit to small for her long legs, and picked up the ladies "Daily Banger Special" I had put out Saturday.  And as always, the repairs continue to come in and we thank you all TREMENDOUSLY for your continued trust!
I'd like to end today with a cute little story that truly, beyond a shadow of a doubt proves how inept I am.
I am oft times, in small ways reminded how out of sync I am with the rapid changes in technology.  As I'm sure my father and mothers generation, having grown up in the days of reverse engineering of the flying saucers at Roswell, were swept away, I to suffer the same indignity.  Where as a youth I had to demonstrate to my mother how to not only program a VCR, but also to set it's clock, I have no been out shadowed by my own children.  But from a surprisingly unexpected source.
Several months ago Angela bought this stereo speaker tower thing where you can plug your MP3 player, or cell phone or other electronic doomahickey into it and listen to your music in stereo surround.  I'll admit it's great to plug in and listen to Pandora, as I can not STAND commercial radio!
I usually have to have Angi or the boys set it up, as it's technology is beyond me.
Well last night I was shown just HOW FAR it is beyond me, but in effect just child's play. 
As we sat down after our dinner (and just before the whole computer debacle) to have our coffee and chill the kids of course joined us.  Our little 1 and a half year old Izzy, does not speak yet, but with so many interpreters in the house, she has now need.  As Angi and I were discussing the day Izzy walked up to Angi, held out her hand and went "Enh!" Without batting an eye Angi looked at her and asked "music?"
Izzy just smiled and did a little dance.  At this point Angi looked at me and said "watch this." and  handed Izzy her MP3 player.  I am glad i had my camera in my hand because what I saw FLOORED me.  Without missing a beat, Izzy did her little beebop scoot across the floor, climbed up the chair, leaned over the tower, inserted the player into the jack (you have to put it in the right direction) hit the mode selector (there are four color coded that I can never get right) hit start, and adjusted the volume, sat down in the chair folded her arms...and smiled at me.
Yep.  It's official.  I'm an idiot.
Don't believe?  Check out the pics!

Sorry, cameras a little dark.
Angi informs me that she never showed her how to do it, she just watched and learned.

you can KIND of see the rust and decay on this one!

ONLY $180.00!!

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