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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Product Placement

Hollywood and the media would have us think that the process of "Product placement" is a wholly new concept greedily pursued by manufacturers and add people alike.  Casually popping a peek of the desired item to hock into the hands and background of our favorite actors and movie sets.  Well, not so much.  My first memorable exposer to this premise was WAY back in my child like years when watching re-runs of Star Trek (TOS respectively)  Spock dons a neckless with the Vulcan symbol for IDIC (Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations" in the episode  "Is Their No Truth In Beauty" in honor of Dr. Jones and her achievements with the Medusans.  Arguably the final scene was originally rebuffed by William Shatner as it had less to do with the story and everything to do with Gene Roddenberry planning on mass producing the bauble for merchandising, using the whole episode as an hour long commercial for the trinket.
Well thankfully this kind of blatant capitalism has been sparse in the television landscape (Saturday morning cartoons not-withstanding)
Until recently.
For the past couple of weeks Angi and I have been marathoning "Castle" as it stars one of our favorite actors (Nathan Fillion form "Firefly" fame).  I cast no aspersions towards the quality of this show, OH NO!  It is by far one of the more engaging (albeit FRUSTRATING in regards to the "almost there..." love affairs between the shows leads) shows we've seen in a while.  Finally have watched the first three seasons and started on season 4 (and MAN!  My applause to the writers for the INTENSE plot twist and daring risks they took in the story!)
HOWEVER!  Jump to point.
In 2009 Disney Meglomaniacalmulticorp bought out Marvel comics for a whopping 4 bill. and MANY  a Fan boy CRINGED!  Having bought ABC (the network that brings us "Castle") back in 1995, it was only a matter of time before an unholy alliance was formed.  Perhaps it has been done before (hey i don't watch THAT much network TV) but last night's episode "Heroes and Villains" was the first time in a LONG time I have seen such a blatant cross-product episodisement.  In the show, Castle and Beckett are pursuing a killer dressing up as a costume vigilante.  Here's the rub!  In their pursuit of the fiend (who vertically bisects his victim in a single stroke of a Samurai Sword?  Hey.  I have watched "Myth Busters...I don't think that this is AT ALL possible!) you are witness to the investigative process and Castle, in his conspiracy minding "outside the box" thinking showcases (on the murder board) the inspiration for the killers costume by way of neatly displayed "Marvel" comics.  Spider man, Daredevil, Iron Man...etc)  furthermore the Killer (who's exploits are being depicted in an online comic book who's creator uses an anagram of "Stan Lee" (he created most of the major Marvel heroes...keep up))
During the investigation the detectives visit a comic shop, conveniently displaying Castle's current creation, a Graphic Novel featuring his fictional character Derrick Storm.  Yes folks, no lie this graphic Novel (published by Marvel) is IN FACT really being published.
I've peeked at some preliminary art and it looks just like any other Movie or TV tie in "Comic Adaptation" I've seen before.  Not awe-inspiring.
Don't get me wrong, anytime "comic-books (the bastard child of the entertainment industry) receives ANY kind of "Main-stream media attention, I'm all for it.  But it begs the question of just how much incursion for product sake will there be?  And more importantly, I can't decide if this is a good thing...or bad?
WOW, i haven't gone on like THAT for a while!  Well, yesterday was DEFIANTELY the coldest one yet!  So winter is here.  However that does not exclude you from your bicycle buying duties!  OH NO! 
Got a call yesterday that reminded me Christmas is around the corner!  One of the local "toy for kids" charities put in an order for 9 bikes, and this is only the start!  If there's a bike on your wish list PLEASE let us know ahead of time! 
As has become the norm once again, the Blue Pacific MTB I put out day before sold first thing yesterday (thanks Brian!) I probably should have focused on more "Bangers" in my building but I SO wanted to get that '78 Schwinn breeze done and out.  Ended up taking all day yesterday (WOW!  What grime!) but now she is truly SHINY!  This peach is loaded with all original "Schwinn-approved" extra!  Front Hollywood basket, rear folding paperboy basket and dyno-light kit, THAT WORKS!  So nice!
Today, I have thew Trek 330 in the rack with parts clean so she'll be going together in a few.  As well as a plethora of other bikes to choose from!
So with that...I'm Off!
(Now...if someone would just come up with a show about a family that runs a second hand bike shop.....)

ONLY $190.00!!

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