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Monday, November 28, 2011

Deja Vu, Too.

The Mind is a glorious machination of bio-chemical engineering!  I put it as the second most important part of the human body
Way to go, God! 
Now with minimal argument it is true that humans (reportedly) only use about 10% of it's capacity, the other 90%, presumably remains dormant.
In other words it allows a great deal of room for error when it comes to psychiatry (all due props to my sis for her choice of vocation) The phenomena that perplexed me most for the better part of my youth was that of Deja Vu.  I need not go into a definitive description as I can assume that most folks have encountered this at one time or another.  It was not until later in life I veered away from the more fantastical version of lore and superstition regarding it origins, instead choosing to embrace a more analytical, scientific synopsis.
In brief:  The brain, functioning as a biochemical computer has ways in which it stores and processes information accumulated throughout the waking day.  Hence, in part dreams, which utilize the most basic of human communication, symbolics to store necessary information.  (remember the old memory trick, where your taught to associated the desired memory with odd concepts or imagery) So in effect, when you dream, your watching a memory download.
As you are interacting  daily with all sorts of stimuli, your brain is constantly processing data.  Normally it stores it in the part of the brain that holds short term memories, later to be processed as long term, filtering out the unnecessary information (like your spouse's conversations, or conservative talk radio).  Instead when you experience Deja Vu, your mind is downloading directly into you long term memory, NOT filtering out the info, kind of like "real time video", so in effect, the triggering sensation one encounters, say like a smell or sound that triggers a long term memory relapse is the same sensation you encounter with Deja Vu.  It is, realistically speaking a "false" long term memory of familiarity with a wholly new encounter.
In short...
This was my day. 
I don't know (and wish I had the resources to run extensive studies) if electrical discharge and barometric pressure has any effect on this effect, but as today was downcast and rainy it seemed to only exhasberate the feelings.  So if anyone was talking with me today and I had an odd look on my face (even for me) I apologize!
On to a more familiar rant!
That is the existence of "planned Obsolescence"!  As much as I've bitc...complained about it, I feel this bears mentioning.  As I was digging through the Dungeon today, trying desperately to find a fender for the SWEET Schwinn Stingray replica shown below, I stumbled upon another box of goodies in the rafters, on a shelf precariously close to the heap O' metal passing as "organized" fenders.  As I rifled through the twisted pile of metal that bears a striking resemblance to that pile of metal coat hangers in your coat closet, I accidentally bumped the box, which unceremoniously tumbled several feet to the edge of the loft, then of course instead of just landing there, blew open scattering it's contents higgley piggley to the hard concrete below.  With the usual calm, reserved demeanor I continually display I proceeded to pick up the debris.  What struck me as odd, and forced me to briefly ponder for a moment the backslide we, as a population have underwent, was the relative unmolested condition of all the items.  The items in this particular box were a variety of "vintage" items.  Headlamps, taillights, a little (gaudy red and yellow 70's kitch am/fm bike radio) et all!  Had I dropped any of today's plastic paraphernalia simply from my hand to the floor, it would have shattered.  But not this stuff!  As a child I had always thought that the future would hold wonders of technological advances of a much higher standard (I'm still waiting on the flying cars) Never would I have guessed that the item we used then, would not only NOT have changed much, but would instead be made shoddier and of cheaper stock!
Here's a thought, next time you have to buy a household item, or clothes or what have you, find a second hand vintage shop to do your shopping!
Leave Wal-Mart in your rear view mirror!
Managed to put out four more today, with a fifth all but done on the rack (that one a SWEET Trek men's hybrid!) Re-did the Kool Kustom Low rider we "finished" about a month ago, thanks to Chip for restringing a GOOD 24" coaster wheel for it.  I  do not posses the patience for that task.  Also re-did the Race Inc 24" cruiser BMX.  It had come with a five speed, but it NEVER worked right.  And I can safely say, it was of no fault of ours, it was just a real design failure on their part, so I turned it back into a single speed.  Also put out a GREAT scrap truck find, a real trick Pacific Schwinn Sting Ray replica.  Was a true rust bucket when we got it but  worth the time!  Also squeezed out a real nice Ladies 26" MTB DBS!
All right, I've rambled enough and gonna do the downtime thing!


ONLY $65.00!!

ONLY $115.00!!!!

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  1. Would you take 75 for the 24" KOOL KUSTOM LOWRIDER email me Very cool blog by the way :)