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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Nocturnal Visitors

Not to uncommon as Daylight Savings kick into high gear, and twilight befalls us sooner and sooner.  Although had a few visitors during daylight mind you, but that was more in my guise as public servant.  Explanation.  When the misfortune of bike theft befalls one of our neighbors they know to contact the police, then us.  We take copies of the police reports, and serial numbers in the chance that they pass through here.  Mind you, not so much lately as most of the local cretins know that we report to the police, so they don't so much bother anyway.  I will however pass a little bit of info on to those in our general area.  We received a total of 9 stolen bike reports today alone. 6 form the same condo development! Some report seeing a strange late model white panel van in the vicinity right around the time of the thefts.  One lady told me her bike appeared on Craigslist the same day it was stolen!  So PLEASE make sure whenever possible, bring your bike inside!  They ARE cutting the cables, and apparently are quite organized as some bikes have been stolen from alcoves outside of direct line of sight, or when people have just gone inside for a moment.  It's November and as we get closer to the Holidays, thefts increase, sadly enough.
As always, if the unfortunate happens, let us know.
Managed to get out four new ones today, although once again didn't manage to get a pic of one as it sold within ten minutes of finish.  A real nice looking Mongoose XR-75.  But still have two more stylin' BMX'ers, and a nice ladies "Daily banger Special"! 
The Men's DBS from last night sold first thing this morning as quick as can be!  The Schwinn Skyliner didn't last much longer. 
Managed to get a few more goodies into today, as well as some sweet parts 9couple of the BIG comfy cruiser seat too!
All right, it has been a busy day and we need some downtime!

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