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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

November, November the Curse of November!

It is a family truism that the month of November is a double edged sword.  We are blessed with fortune as November marks four births in our family (three of four of the ladies were born this month) but in the past decade it has also marked the Ill's of misfortune.  Specifically, Ill's for Kaleb.  For some unknown reason this month brings grave tidings to the boy as something monumentally tragic happens to him.  As stated each year for ten of his fourteen years he has suffered such injury's as, a bruised spleen, facial abrasions and a broken tooth, an 8" gash on his calf requiring 34 stitches, a broken ankle, an exploded pinkie and this November was NO exception.  HOWEVER this time it did not come in the form of grievous injury. OH NO, it came in the form of a heavily tattooed police officer.  Now before we go any further, he did not in fact do anything wrong, this time.  His bad luck stems from having gone to pick up something for mom at the grocery store last night, and lingered to long in the parking lot, apparently,  At which the officer in question stopped and asked for his name and address as there have been a rash of vehicle break In's there.  Originally releasing him, he headed back home when his name flashed the screen with a "pick-up order" for his arrest.  The officer pulled him back over, then brought him to me at the shop to inform me of the situation.  It all stems from Kaleb's run in with the law last year when he was messing with his friends outside of school, and rather then staying and telling the officer what he was doing there, ran.  Well do to some "glitch" in the system ("glitch" is code for some moron didn't dot an I or cross a T) the fact that the case was dropped was never denoted,  So Kaleb was forced to spend the night at JAC, and go in front of Judge Gross (we like Judge Gross) who promptly read the file, question why Kaleb was even THERE and rather then have us wait for Kaleb to be returned to JAC and be processed out, had them IMMEDIATELY release him into my custody.  At which point we had to walk back over to JAC and wait for them to scratch there bottoms and try to figure out what they were supposed to do.  Finally they figured out that I had to sign a release form, and let us go. 
OH!  and they "LOST" his belt and shoelaces.
So that's how I spent my morning.
Now you know why I didn't blog last night!
Traditional Tuesday!  A little quite on the western front, but managed to get caught up on the re-pairs (except those awaiting parts) and put out two more beaUties!  As well as prep two more. 
Jen came in and gave the lonely ladies Schwinn a good home, as well as picked up the 12" Tonka bike for her little brother.  That little thing weighed more then the Schwinn! 
We would like to send our condolences to KiKi.  She had bought the ladies 24" on Monday, and while parked in front of another store had it stolen,  Again, we are very sorry for your misfortune.
Today should be filled with excitement as the phone has not stop ringing all morning!  Allways the hallmark of a busy day.  So I'd best get my hiney in gear and head off to work.
See ya soon!
ONLY $55.00!!

ONLY $45.00!!

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