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Thursday, November 10, 2011

The White Zone Is For Loading and Unloading...

Well today was the day of buying!  Had the scrap trucks lined up! SWEET!  Got a couple more bangers, 3 BMXer's and the creme De la creme... a diamond in the rough pair of road bikes!  An older light weight Schwinn And a vintage Trek 330!!! Drool, baby drool!  I'm gonna have afield day with them!  Finished up 2 rides today, but again only have one pic to offer up.  I kid you not, finished up a nice men's 26" "Daily Banger Special" and after washing it in the back was wheeling it out to take a pic when a gent and his mom walked in looking for a ride for him to get to and fro work and he asked if the one I had was for sale!  Cha-CHING!  But have no fear, plenty more where they came from.  The dungeon's becoming quite full.  Started the tear down on the ladies vintage Schwinn, and she'll be out late tomorrow morning as I RALLY have to step up production.  Have had many re-visiting folks!  I am really honored that I have seen many familiar faces coming in frequently to check out what's new as they are looking for that something special.  Love the fact that they are coming to see us for their choice.  And as always thanks for the trust with all the re-pairs keeping me hopping! 
Well, we once again step further into the techno-world as we are now Twittering (or is it tweeting?) so as time passes we will start to actually just give updates instead of just transferring the blog to it.  Give it time.
Alright as I'm sure you have already surmise I don't have much of anything "insightful" to put forth.  It was one of those "normal" days where I blithely went through the rudimentary functions of my vocation while partially zoning out to a "Friends" marathon on the boob tube. 
So with that, i leave you for the night..
and settle down for a "Castle" marathon.
HURRAH for "Megavideo"!
MENS 26" MTB ONLY $60.00!!!

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