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Monday, November 21, 2011

Someone Slipped Us A Holiday Mickey!

What the....?!!?
it's almost THANKSGIVING?!!
Where the heck did the year go! 
This is the pitfall of living in the Southern territories.  My body, even after 15 years still runs on Northern time.  When the winter holidays approach I should be wrapped in a parka and those ugly green rubber boots with the removable black insulated lining hat makes your feet sweat!  NOT t-shirts and shorts!  At least then I knew the Holidays of family angst were upon us.  Ah yes!  Time for excessive work in the kitchen, long hours of food prep.  Ever increasing familial tension, fielding the inevitable "Is it ready, yet?!'
 Good times. Good times.
But seriously.  I had no idea until yesterday as my Dad and step-mom were visiting (back to FLA in seasonal preparation for the inevitable "permanent" Florida retirement) that my eldest announced they were off this week for Thanksgiving! 
ARRGGHH!  We are SO not prepared!  We haven't even had our shots!
I'm kidding.
Shot's wouldn't help against child venom.  They get you, you die.
Needless to say...PLEASE give me a reason to work overtime!
I'm kidding.
Where was I....
OH yes...
We had NO idea the Holidays were upon us.  The kids and I are trying to convince Angi to streamline her Holiday preparations.  She usually goes whole hog with, like Thirty or more side dishes, and I end up having to clean out the fridge in preparation for all the leftovers.  So this year we suggested "Buy a pre-cooked Turkey breast and a few sides, no fuss no muss!  I think we have her on the ropes on this one! 
I remember as a child going to Grandmas each year for the Thanksgiving feast, and she would get up at like 4 am to start cooking.  Crazy!  GREAT food, but CRAZY!
Back at it again today!  The Lemond (yes...still obsessing on that one) is all but built!  Just have to get tubes and cables, which Kaleb is going to get as we speak!  Then on to the GT! 
See ya in a little while. 

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