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Friday, December 23, 2011

Eleventh Hour

Thanks so much to my lovely bride for holding down the fort yesterday so i could get some much needed shut eye!  Have been burning the midnight oil lately trying to stay on top of things and she offered to open up to let me sleep.  And sleep I did...until almost
X-mas day is rapidly approaching and I haven't even done my shopping!  ARRGH!  Christmas was SO much cooler when you were a kid! 
After doing up all the re-pairs yesterday, only had time to put out one gem, but shes a LOOKER!  Last year ladies Schwinn Comfort Cruiser model.  This baby was rode only once!  Then had mechanical trouble and was garaged.  Well we fixed her up, and she all shiny again! 
All right, that's it for now, as i still have more to do.  Talk to you soon!
ONLY $90.00!!!

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