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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Another Holiday Wish

I would like to thank ALL the wonderful folks who have made this such an awesome  year!  All the great people who have chosen to patronize local business such as us.  All the chances we have been given to re-pair and improve SO MANY rides!  And the countless well wishing and good vibes from everyone.
I'll tell you a secret.  Pretty much EVERY year for the last 16 we have been, from one organization, or charity or school group provided with the majority of our kids presents for under the tree.  Most of them knowing the amount of our brood seek us out and bags of gifts arrive.  Well this year i am very proud and thankful that we, with great appreciation were able to decline.  Thanks to all you folks we were able to provide for ourselves for once.
I'll tell you, it's a great feeling!
yesterday was TREMENDOUS!  Pretty much sold out the store.  It was a joy to see all in attendance.  I usually thank each and everyone separately, but as we were so busy, I missed some names and don't want to dis' anyone!
In preparation for the Christmas revelry today was a tad bit scattered.  Did manage to finish up two new rides, and Lord knows we need them! Check out below for your after present opening shopping!  Will see you all come Monday!  Hope you and yours have a FANTASTIC Holiday!

ONLY $120.00


And a prayer for Peace, Harmony, good Will....
and loads of goodies!

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