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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Rubber Chicken

Went to do a parts run yesterday, and instead of sending one of the boys decided to do the run myself.  Even braver, instead of taking a cab or the bus took my bike instead.
When I say it's been TO long since I rode, is an understatement!  For far to long my legs have to positions, locked in as I stand or bent at the knees when I sit.  The whole pistoning up and down thing?  Not so much.
Thankfully it was lunch time when I got back as I needed to rest. 
Again I say, SAD!
Thanks to the folks coming out of the whole Holiday blitz thing and coming into pick up their repairs that have been here since...well since well before the shopping season.
And again I apologize to anyone inconvenienced by our policy regarding checks and credit cards, but it's a political choice we made and stand behind.  Just remember the old adage "You'll get more flies with honey then vinegar"
Did a whole bunch of fun buying yesterday ('tis the season).  A few bangers, a gorgeous (soon to be) Schwinn road bike, a Big boy!  67cm!  And a Raleigh road bike, about the same height!  Odd to have two big boys at the same time.  Also bought a pristine Specialized Expedition that lasted about 10 minutes before it sold!  I show it's pic just because.
Put out another daily banger as that's what most folks seem to be searching for, with another on the rack almost done.  Then i move on to the great folks rides once again trusting us with their rides!  THANKS so  much!
'Till Later
ONLY $60.00!!


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