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Thursday, December 15, 2011

An Old Fart Peeing On An Electric Fence

Blunt.  To the point.
OK, to be totally honest I am not the best when it comes to book keeping and somewhere along the line (having to pay utilities in two locations)  I lost track of the water bill at the house.  Well the ever benevolent monolith of Public Water will be very kind to remind you with a festive Christmas red ornament in the way of a 24 hour warning.
At which point did water become more expensive then electric? Example:  Last month the electric at the shop was $88.00 the water?  $134.00!!!
We are for all intents and purposes a machine shop!  For the better part of the day we have drills, sanders, grinders, bench grinders not to mention the TV and DVD player going gang busters!  Our water usage?  An average of four flushes in the camode and maybe wash 2 to 3 bikes a day.  And that costs $134.00!?!?!  I won't even mention how much the house bill was but YES it was more then the electric there too!
So needless to say, this Christmas will be sparse, Charlie Brown!  Yes, I know It's my own damn vault, but still...
I can remember stories of old battlefields, aggressive bloody cutthroat battles of two opposing factions committing heinous atrocities against one another for the gain of a few acres of territories that on Christmas day would fall eerily silent and the men who mere hours before were trying desperately to destroy one another would rise up from their trenches, meet in no-mans land to shake hands, swap food share photos having a Yule-time celebration.  For that moment they were at piece.
So why is it that the Utility companies can't follow suit this time of year, especially when so many people are having such a hard go of it, and just cut them some slack.  Maybe a little Christmas discount?
Yes I know, Unrealistic Expectation of Humanity.
Was the busy little beaver yesterday, staying current on all the re-pairs as well as managing to put out two new swells!  No mind you I do include the pics below but the Trek didn't even make it to posting as it sold to a very nice gentleman, Dale as an X-mas gift to a special friend.  Also thanks to Tim for picking out the Ladies Pacific for his special significant other.
And thanks to Brad for the special "you-Shouldn't-have" "reward" for us recovering one of his stolen bikes!  And while were on the subject, a special shout out to officer Rodney for keeping his word and personally returning the bike to Brad, saving him a trip downtown! 
Blains "way-cool" road bike is done and ready to begin training for its cross country journey!  Happy trails Man!
Well today will see the assembly of the sweet Haro custom BMX then on to a couple more before the day is through!
So with that...
See ya real soon!

ONLY $70.00!!

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