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Saturday, December 3, 2011

I See BLUE People

Ahhh!  Were it not for the advent of computer technology Hollywood probably would have ran out of ideas YEARS ago!  HOORAY for reverse engineered flying saucers!!
Yep, another of our classic childhood treasures have made the big screen, and we had front row to the spectacle last night.
the Smurfs!
Now the stretch of fantasy was not so much the little blue guys "three apples high" taking an impromptu road trip via "magic portal" to New York, but more trying to make the audience believe that Neil Pattrick Harris was a heterosexual, soon-to-be father. 
Filled with several "cute" in-jokes, poking fun at the little guys penchant for "La, La la-la-la-lahhhh", some GREAT type casting in the voice work (not to mention the comedic mention of "passive/aggressive Smurf") a loving tribute to the Smurfs creator "Peyo" not to mention Hank Azaria as Gahrgamel (Garbage-smell?) as ALL WAYS stealing the spotlight of ANY movie he's in!  It was an all-together simplistic premise, not to high on thought provoking script writing, but DEFINITELY a hit with the little guys (now I'm committed to get the whole series on DVD.  A perfect excuse to relive my if I needed an excuse!  Yes, I STILL have my collection of Smurf PVC characters tucked away in my closet.) They were in hysterics, and we only had to pause briefly to explain the complete origin of Smurfette (yes...they do tread ever so slightly on the whole 99 Smurfs....1 Smurfette thing) voiced wonderfully by Katy Perry, who gets in the GREAT line "I kissed a Smurf...and I liked it"  (Google Katy Perry if you immediately didn't get THAT in-joke)
I've heard from many critics that the rehashing of childhood faves for Hollywood fare is wrong, a cop-out.  Well with few exceptions I have personally enjoyed most of them (Dukes of Hazzard, Knightrider not withstanding) Were it not for the practice we would have never have had Transformers!  And THAT I could not abide!  But can you blame them?  In the final analysis Hollywood is about the Benjahmins, and these are properties that are proven!  And if they can make a good story sell, more power to 'em. 
There's enough "thought-provoking" human tragedy out there for the rest of 'em!
Yesterday was a hustle bustle of activity and we would like to extend our gratitude to all the folks who once again chose us to take care of their rides!  Much obliged!
Thanks to Pedro for coming back in, like he said to pick up the cool Schwinn S-25!  I know your Dad will appreciate the gesture! 
Thanks to Judy and Vic for their continued public service with the purchase of the Roadmaster for their newest benefactor.  Judy is a crossing guard and when she meets a person in need of Cycle help, she comes sees us to hook them up!  Glad we could help!  And to Terrance, for grabbing up the men's Dual-shock MTB, to replace his tired ride.  Definitely a step up! And to Breezy, nice to see you and Logan back in town for the season, and as expected he outgrew the twelve inch they bought him last year.  Glad we had an 18" he liked!
Well, after all the repairs yesterday i only managed to get 1 new one put out.  This one is a salvaged mens Cruiser.  The body was super nice, but the wheels were toast!  ALMOST scrapped it, but in the end just couldn't bring myself to do it!  So here ya go! (pic below)
Well, as it's Saturday, I'm gearing up for a busy day and hopefully will have new goodies to show you by the end of it!
See ya soon!
ONLY $60.00!!


  1. Hey man, it's the guy who brought in the Novera touring rig for some work and a paint job the other night. I just noticed that the order slip says "matte black" but I'm leaning towards a satin/semi/gloss kind of black finish. I'm not sure just yet, but probably not matte. Anyway, I'll call or something (once I find my phone charger :P). Thanks for shootin' the sh*t the other night and taking care of me and my bike :)

  2. Hey Blaine!
    Pay no mind to that man behind the curtain...
    Sorry for the confusion! With the paint we use there is only flat and gloss. HOWEVER, if we use a flat base with a gloss clearcoat it comes out satin, BUT we prefer to refer to it as MATTE, because it sounds more Butch! if you want true gloss, PLEASE let us know ASAP, as I look to start on it on Wendsday.

  3. Hey Steven,
    Sorry I wasn't ASAP as I could have been... I've been going back and forth trying to decide what's gonna work out best in our fever swamp climate, considering how I'm gonna be riding, as far as wear and tear and keeping clean and touch ups. I guess gloss would be easier to maintain (hose down or wipe down), but I could be massively wrong about that. I'm just gonna close my eyes and pick gloss, unless you have any insightful input (as I'm sure you do). Grrr. Now that I'm fussing over it in my head, matte would look so much cooler with the front and rear black racks I'm putting on it. NO, NO, STOP IT BLAINE!. Gloss... Go with Gloss.

  4. Thought you was gonna say that! Good thing too, as i had already started to paint it withe Gloss! Just put the sixth coat on, and the first two coats of clear. Should have it finished and assembled on Monday!

  5. Sweeeeet! I'm leaving town on Thurs., so don't need it till Weds (or maybe Thurs. would actually be better, I'm easy). Going to the "hills" around Withlacoochee, Inverness, Ocala, and Gainesville to start working on some longer distance rides in the boonies for the winter. Um, couple of things... There is this super frustrating rattle coming from the left lever/brake hood. The front derailleur/shifter was all wonky before. One of the pedals is all creaky, but that doesn't matter as I'm about to put new ones on. There might be a rattle or two coming from elsewhere when it gets up to speed, but maybe that was one of the bottle cages coming lose before I pulled them off. The front tire thumping from improper inflation (but no matter, I need to go get some thicky puncture proofs anyway). I think those were the things getting on my nerves, tuneup-wise, when I dropped it off. I always seem to have a list for you, sorry. The stupid brake cable interfering with my rear rack is something I'm just gonna have to deal with down the road somehow. Some other things... Recommend a good multi tool(s) or tool kit when I'm out touring? What is up with my stem? You mentioned the "2 of everything" rule of thumb, which something I already live by in the saddle... Oh, I'll just bug you about this stuff when I came in. Thanks Steven :)

  6. Well, as with all re-paints we don't reassemble them with problems in tact! All the parts have been cleaned and most of the little glitches should be worked out in assembly! Such as all new greased bearings etc... Any other changes we'll take care of as needed.