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Friday, December 16, 2011

TOP 5!

All right people settle down, settle down!  Before I get to the much anticipated "Statement of Opinion" regarding the top 5 All Time Best Holiday Films (as according to me) I just want to recap yesterday!
WOW!  What a BUSY day!  And a Thursday to boot!  Banging all day with a plethora of re-pairs, it was standing room only around 4 pm when my parts order FINALLY came in!  Thanks to Amy for giving the old Murray a home for the Holidays!  I hope her beau enjoys! 
Managed to finish up the gorgeous Haro BMX!  This one is built to the hilt with heavy duty power!  Wrapped up in a Dark Cherry paint job!  SWEET!
ONLY $140.00!!

Have another ladies banger on the rack, then on to completing the Raleigh re-build I've been pinning over!  From there....?
All right, Below are what I feel best represents the genre of Holiday fare that speaks best to the many facets of the Holiday season.  As you'll see, not all of them are ones brimming with Holiday Cheer and twinkling lights but as anyone who has had to untangles the hastily packed Ball of Lights from the previous year, or had to visit with family and friends that you can only stomach for 24 hours each year I give you...

#5. It's A Wonderful Life

Truly an American icon this movie once could be seen (with the advent of cable) at least every two hours on SOME channel starting Thanksgiving eve.  Nowadays you may see it once or twice if your lucky.  Each time I watch it the superb premise, acting and directing coupled with the simple message chokes me up.  But skip the colorized version!  It was meant to be watched in Black and White, hands down!

#4 Charlie Browns Christmas

Since its debut in 1965 it has been an intricate part in every childhood holiday experience. It was one of the few times a year my sister and I were allowed to watch TV during the week and i can still clearly remember the excitement generated, not unlike Pavlov's Dog when the bell rang, when that spinning CBS Special Presentation hit the screen!
Note; in this listing include such classics as "Frosty", "The Grinch", "Rudolph" etc.

#3 "A Christmas Carrol"
The George C Scott version from 1984 wins HANDS DOWN for best portrayal!  Reginald Owen in the 1938 release was a close second (skip the '51 version, tad bit campy.  And with all due respects to Mr Patrick Stewart, he tried a little to hard, and the film just seemed rushed) But George's version is much more faithful to the original (plus no PAINFUL musical numbers) and you REALLY feels his torment and share in his gradual blooming of conscience and awareness.

#2 "An American Christmas Carrol"
Yes, you're right in your observation that this is just Charles Dickens once removed.  Made for TV in 1979 this revamping of the old classic takes place in Depression era New England (Concord to be exact) so it's close to home.  Plus it stars an unlikely Henry Winkler as Benedict Slade (scrooge) and makes no bones about trying to disguise the fact that it is, in fact a remake.  At one point while visiting a book shop that owes him on a loan, he picks up a leather bound copy of Dickens masterpiece inspiration. What makes it stand out from the others is the fact that this was a real break out performance for Mr. Winkler that I thoroughly enjoy. 

#1 "The Ref"

Ahhhh, the TRUE meaning of Christmas!  Sex, lies, divorce, teen angst, insufferable family monsters, drunk Santa Clause, larceny and Fruit cake!  All delivered in the ranting angry styling of Dennis Leary in his prime!  Can it get ANY better?  I truly get a masochistic thrill out of this one each time I watch it.  Curl up with a nice cup of spiced egg nog, a comfy blanket and give it a look!  It'll make you feel better about your family!

Well that's it!  Now I better stop playing and get to work!

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