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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Baby's Day Out!

As momma has her midwife appointment today (I usually go, but this is the whole blood test and measurement stuff that takes forever, and we didn't want to close up for that long) SO little Ms. Izzy is hanging with Daddy at the shop!  Thank Heavens for port-a-cribs!
It also gives me a chance to get her hair trimmed!  Poor thing had it done three weeks ago, and now she can't see again!
Momma treated her and the older boys to another showing of Twilight: Breaking, ah I mean Breaking DAWN!  And I got a nice quiet evening all to myself, spent shopping on Amazon for Christmas!  AHHH!  No shopping trips!
Managed to get the place cleaned up and reorganized yesterday, just in time for a new influx of re-pairs and buys.  Hey! I'm not complaining!  I love the work!  Just wish I could keep the lanes clear!  Today I have a nice ladies three speed on deck, which I'm trying to find 1 little annoying piece for, then I have another 24" banger and a couple BMXer's to put out, so should be fun!  Hope to see ya all soon!

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