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Monday, December 26, 2011

The Morning After

Oy Vey!
Christmas eve was fun this year, but took it's toll.  Had Friends and family over for dinner (thanks for the grandparents bringing dinner, and Mrs. Lisa for all the baked goods!  Then after the kids opened some gifts we settled down to a family tradition of reading the classic "Tomten".  This story was read to me by my father every Christmas eve since I was three.  WAY back before they had invented electricity.  And I picked up the tradition with my kids when my eldest was three. Back then I was reading from a copy I had picked up after an exhaustive search of local book stores as i had believed the original copy was lost.  Well, about 12 years ago, when my Mother and sister were moving out of their house in Exeter, they found the original copy that my father had read from, and sent it to me as a Christmas gift!  You can imagine my tears when i caught glimpse of that worn, water stained copy complete with tell tale Crayola marks from yours truly. So this year, as a treat (I think even more for me then my kids) Grandad sat in the big chair and read to us all.
Then with hugs and kisses we put all the little ones to bed with sugar plums running rampant, said our farewell to guests, and began the painstaking task of gift wrapping the broods gifts.
If I don't see a roll of tape for another year, I'll be happy. We did it smart this year.  We asked the kids on Thanksgiving the three things they wanted for Christmas, and that's what they got.  And I'll give 'em credit, they were all very appreciative (PLUS, if they get out of line it gives mom and dad leverage!)
After the festivities Mom and Dad took a Christmas nap (or tried to at least) until the Nerf gun war broke out in the play room and ricochet shot hit the dividing door on the play room side. 
Then up to make Christmas dinner which was NOT the traditional Ham but rather Ham-burger (in all our shopping we FORGOT to get the dinner!
It's cool though.  With all the sweets everyone ate, they pretty much just picked at the meal.
All in all a VERY good Holiday!
And now it's back to work!  have MANY that need building, and many that need re-pair so I'll be a busy little bee today!
Hope you all recover well!

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