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Friday, December 16, 2011


Ha HA!!! It feels REAL good when you are able to prove that the utility company has screwed up.  Even better when they provide the proof!  I paid the bill and they told me I still owed X amount of dollars.  Naturally as any rational person would do, I went psychotic.  Apparently unsettling the young operator, she quickly transferred me to her supervisor, who tried to convince me I was wrong and owed the money .  I had been informed two days prior of 1 amount that differed from what they were quoting and insisted they check the tape recording of the conversation.
They acquiesced.
Well thanks to Jinenne for giving the dual shock a home for the holidays for her husband who may or may not be serious about getting some exercise.
And as always we greatly appreciate all the repairs, thanks for the trust!
Oh and just so there's no confusion, 'cause we've had more then a few queries of late regarding the bikes we have in stock.
Yes.  They have been fully re-furbished and come backed with a 1 year warranty. But....they're used.  No.  We don't replace all the parts with new parts.  That would be silly.  And it would be contrary to the whole concept Re-Cycle was founded on.  R...E...Cycling! Not to mention VERY expensive.  And that would be a cost burden passed on to the customer.  Simply put a $70.00 bike with new tires, tubes, brake shoes and cables alone would cost $168.00. 
Wouldn't stay in business for more then a week doing it that way.  There are places out there that sell NEW bikes.  We're not it.
All right it's movie night and I'm out!

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