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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Right Place, Right Time

As providence would happen, i was blessed to be allowed to do m y good deed for the day. 
Most folks around these parts know that if they have the misfortune to have a bike stolen first you report it to the police, then report it to us. 
Just such a thing happened today, when an gentleman came in to report the sad news that some young scumbag punks brazenly walked into his open garage and in broad daylight took off with two bikes!  A ladies cruiser and a nice men's K2 MTB.  He left us with a description and left.  As would have at, at the end of my day I had to go up to Sweetbay to pick up a couple things before heading out and what did I find blocking my path but the ladies cruiser laying in front of the door.  Recognizing it from his detailed info, I snatched it up and walked in to see if the manager could identify the rider on the exterior video camera.  As it turns out there was no need as the rider came up to me (as he was at the checkout) to identify himself and once I informed him it was reported stolen he quickly informed me that he borrowed it from a friend (who's name I AND the police have) I let him know I would be commandeering it and returning it to the rightful owner.
He had no argument.
The bike is now in the possession of the police to be processed for fingerprints, and I have been assured it will be returned to the rightful owner tomorrow.
Managed to put out three little gems today with a fourth in paint on the rack ready for assembly tomorrow.  And as always THANKS for all the repairs!  Keep 'em coming!
Well now its chill time!  Talk to you later!
ONLY $90.00

ONLY $95.00



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