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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's 2011. Where's All The Flying Cars?

We was busier then a puppy with two peters, today! Thanks to all for coming in and keeping us hopping!  And sorry to the two folks who were inconvenienced by having to bring in their recently purchased bikes for warranty work!  Hate it when we don't get it right the first time!  They were both BMX'ers and they were both about the bloody frog leg brakes!  With Orbital no less!  Between you, me and the lamp post it's the least effective brake system there is.
Met alot of cool folks today drifting by to see what it was all about, and we thank them for their time, which unfortunately I didn't have all that much to spare.  Thanks to Chip for popping in for a before Christmas "Hiddey Ho!" And to Chris, a "Right Place Right Time: Kind of guy who came in looking for the perfect road bike and found it in the Nishiki I had JUST bought a few minutes prior to his arrival.  We'll have her up and running in a jiff!
And speaking of confabs, met a gent today who had much in common as we were of the same generation and as so many talks do, the topics drifted.  In the meanderings they landed upon our youthful impressions of what the future would hold.  Growing up with "Star Wars" and Ray Bradbury and a plethora of Sci Fantasy idealism, we had as children eagerly awaited the arrival of flying cars, service droids, and colonies on Mars.
We are, needless to say a tad bit disappointed.
It got me to thinking though.  Would we ever really be wise to use flying cars? 
I mean think of all the fender benders and out and out total wrecks that occur on the highways each and every day.  Now could you imagine if our propensity for text/driving were to be taking place at an altitude of 500 or 1000 feet?  Not only would we be striking other hover craft, but once they fail plummeting to the grounds and taking out everything beneath us!
Not gonna walk away from that one!
And the folks (I use to be one) that would push their vehicle until the little red arrow was WAY below E?
And what about insurance rates?
On second thought, keep humans grounded!
But the service droids can stay.

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