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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Butterfly Effect (or I am SUCH a guy!)

I need not try and sound all literate by quoting the famous saying, and although it has a rather Zen like connotations, in truth?  The phrase was coined in 1961 by a meteorologist, Edward Lorenz.  And as with so many things pop culture swallowed it up and made pseudo philosophy out of it (not to mention a real POOR movie starring an equally annoying Ashton Kutcher...EUCH!) So it is with that stint of psudoism I find myself willingly babysitting little Miss Izzy this morn. 
Not so much a Butterfly flapping it's wings in New Jersey, but this bloody cold that I have been fighting has taken it's toll on Angie as well.  Snoring is a real test of the depth of any relationship, and bless her heart she has had to deal with my wall splintering nocturnal grumblings for the majority of our marriage.  When  I'm sick, it's worse! Last night I tried those breath right strips.  That was a waste of $7.50.  She obviously had minimal sleep, so i opted to take Izzy with me to the shop to hang out until momma wakes up.
It's with that in mind, and little misses propensity for constant close proximity to her parents that has led me to be sitting with her, intermittently playing or punching on the keypad.  It's been awhile since i checked my e-mail or blog or what have you so as she dozed off for her morning nap I took advantage of the solitude.  And stumbled across the promo for the new GI Joe flick! 
Yes.  As I said, I'm SUCH a guy!  Now aside from the occasional miss use of a variety of fireworks and incendiary devices in the adjacent sandpits near my childhood home on several unsuspecting action figures and a few vehicles, I never much played with GI Joe's.  For awhile, while working in the collectors industry I did deal in a multitude of the collectible figures (not to mention commandeering the battleship play set (over six feet long) and using it as a coffee table at the infamous bachelor pad at 27 court street, Exeter NH) i didn't much find an appeal to them.  I was a Transformer kid.  But when the first movie came out on DVD, Angela picked it up and I figured what the heck, I'll give it a look. 
WOW!  Was I pleasantly proven wrong.  It was actually good.  So it was with some mild excitement I was looking forward to seeing if they were going to do a sequel.  They did not disappoint.  In my web browsing morning I caught the trailer!  With what appears to be a whole new cast (except Snake Eye's) including Wayne Johnson and....oh But THAT would be ruining the surprise!  Check it out!
YEP!  Regardless of any controversy behind the man I have been a huge fan since Moonlighting and the man has only gotten better with age!  Don't believe?  Go rent RED (Retired, Extremely Dangerous) another comic book turned movie, with a STELLAR cast!  His part in the film is reason enough for me to be at the theatre for this one!  So that's today's "Butterfly Effect" for me.  Oh, and on the topic check out You Tube for "Bruno, the Kid"
Ultra hip animated series '96-'97, with a big time cast of voices, starring Bruce as lead character (a tip to the mans onstage singing career as "Bruno")
Yes folks, I am a fountain of trivial pop culture tidbits!
We have been a blurr of busy around here, but still manage only one or two newbies a day!  Haven't really bothered to post any of them, as most have sold before I have had a chance!  have bought ALOT as well!  Thanks to the anonymous donor who dropped off three gems yesterday.  As he was cleaning his garage a neighbor told him about us, and he dropped off his sons now longer used rides!  A Redline and a Haro BMX!  SWEET!  Also picked up a Giant Modem yesterday which is on the rack and almost done!  Another Next BMX, in real nice shape will be out as well.  Got a Trek 930 MTB in trade for the Trek 7000 we had, and also got to real rough but well worth it vintage pieces!  An older Western Flyer, and a Firestone!  Will have to dig deep to get an age on these!  Will DEFINITELY be doing some before and after pics on these!
Well, Little Miss seems to be quite sound asleep, so I'm gonna try and sneak back and get some work done!
Hope to see ya'll real soon!

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