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Saturday, December 10, 2011


Has it really been since Tuesday that I poked my head in here!? 
Much to the chagrin of bike shoppers everywhere I TRY and post some banal, insipid monologue for your pai....pleasure.
However, I have been BLISSFULLY busy this past few days.  Not to mention it has been a tad bit difficult to type as I (If your eating don't read this) I lost a good portion of a finger nail on my left index finger.  Now I know why all those spy's use the technique to get the enemy to talk!  I'd tell 'em ANYTHING after just ONE!  I smooshed it in the bike rack a couple weeks ago, and it got caught on something a few days ago and RIP! 
Many, many, many Thanks to all the folks bringing their rides in in droves for a variety of re-pairs!  We love it when we hear the phrase "a friend told me good things about you...."
Thanks to Kyle for giving the Kool Kustom Kruiser a new home for Christmas!  We hope his girlfriend likes the thought!
And to James, another "Tired of Walking" sale in the form of the men's Cruiser we had for all of 20 minutes! 
Tobeasa visiting our area picked up the Jamis Big boy, when he realized it was cheaper to buy here then rent anywhere else!
Traded out the Schwinn S25 to Thomas and got another banger in exchange.
And i think there's a couple more in there that I have forgotten.  Sorry.
Have managed to put out four new goodies in the elapsed time (pics below) the best of which HAS to be another righteously SWEET Trek 330!  Now FULLY refurbed she is a ride to envy! 
Have done ALOT of buying as well!  OH yes, the scrap-truck-ah-plenty have been backing up to our doors!  Alot of scrap for parts but amongst them a few gems!  An Old Raleigh Road bike, a Schwinn Frontier, Giant Cypress, another pull behind kid cart and the creme de la creme... a  1967 Schwinn with a 2-speed kickback!!!  Still trying to find out the model, as it only says Schwinn on the chaingaurd.  Looks just like a Typhoon though!  Needs ALOT of work, but should be a peach when shes done!
All right, so now that everyone is up to speed, i had best get to work!
Hustle, hustle, hustle!

ONLY $85.00

ONLY $175.00

ONLY $60.00!!

ONLY $70.00!!!

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