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Monday, December 19, 2011

Fairy Dust and Little Boys Who never Grow Up.

Busy, busy weekend, so please forgive me for no updates.  Thank to Rocko (now THERE'S a cool name for a kid!) who picked out the Modem for an early Christmas present.  And to Shayana, planning to get back on the road once her little one is born. Thanks to Laura for giving us the chance to help out.  She picked up the last two bikes on the wish lists on Sunday. And to a retro hip Emily who finally gave a loving , appreciative home to the '61 Roadmaster!  And as is custom, thanks for all the repair work that keeps us going around here!
And Now...
I am, for the most part very progressively minded.  The whole gender and sexuality issue, is basically a non issue to me.  I reverently admonish any parent who would chastise or disown their child for their sexual preference, as it is simply how God made them, and NOT ours to judge.
When I was a young boy my sister, who very much would have preferred I been born a girl, at one time BRIEFLY would dress me in her clothes and have tea parties and Barbie play.  I have no excuse.  I will in my defence however state "I retained my OWN underwear!" It was a practice short lived.
I will not say I cross dressed willingly, only that I liked the fact that my sister would agree to play with me, as otherwise she kept to her room and I to mine.
So fast forward to today.  No, except for that one time a couple Halloweens ago I dressed up as a bearded fairy Godmother, I've stuck to my civvies.
The same cannot be said for Owen.  His affinity for the frilly side of life is becoming ever more prevalent.  As the below Holiday Greetings shows.
Those are size appropriate artificial breasts. He very much enjoys getting a reaction out of folks.  Whether it be buy hyper actively annoying them, helping them or shocking them.
Why do i have the sneaking suspicion that we are raising this generations Lady Gaga.
Because, between you and me, I REALLY think Lady Gaga is actually Marilyn Manson in drag.

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