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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

What a LAMP!!!

SWEET!  Piece of Candy!
On the way in this morning found an antique Flexo Desk Lamp!  The old Art Deco, "Heavier then a box of bricks" WIDE style they use in libraries!  And it WORKS perfect!  LOVE IT!  And it's almost the exact shade of brown as the counter!  BONUS!!
Well, at least I kept busy yesterday.
Still, all quiet on the Western Shores.  We did manage to start the day out with a small bang.  Two lucky young grand kids will be having something(s) nice to ride when they come and visit Granddad and Grandma.  It was funny, too, as  they had been to several other bike shops in the area, and to say they looked a tad bit "Sticker Shock Frazzled" is an understatement!  Obviously, by their tone, they had had enough experience dealing with sales pitches, that even before I opened my mouth, they had informed me their granddaughters would only be down for a week and they just needed something inexpensive for them to ride the Trail on, they emphasized the word inexpensive, and left me with the very clear impression, to just cut the Monkey Grease and give them the skinny!  OK, Simple.  I pulled out two girls 20" rides (baby blue and Pink) and stated $45.00 for the pair.
It was as if a fog of depressive anxiety, helpless forlorn and crushing defeat had been lifted from their shoulders.  They actually stood up straighter!  They both sighed, smiled and hesitantly uttered "....Really?!"
As they went on, they explained that the other shops they had visited wanted in the triple digits for their kids bikes!!  I did explain, and they acquiesced, that the rides they were looking at were new and of higher quality, but still a tad bit out of their range of practicality.  They left some very happy campers.
At that point, the day pretty much backslid, and it was all about the building!  We put up the Murray "Doc and Marty" Bike as a DAILY BANGER SPECIAL!!  Also, finished up the GORGEOUS aluminum dual shock MTB (and this puppy has NEW tires to boot!) as well as a SAH-WEET Cycleworks BMX mini racer!  That one turned out SUPAH-FINE!
Today, I am not at all sure what I will be working on!  I have one quick repair to bang out, then...ugh.  Pickin's are slim!  I did pull out a classic ladies 24" three speed we've had out back (Rozy's old bike) that I got a decent set of tires for, but it's not going to take all that long to finish up, so...
PLEASE!! Don't force me to play Angry Birds!
OK, I'll see y'all later! 

PS!  OKAY! Y'all heard my pleas!  Has taken a while to do the editing as we just got SAH-LAMMED!!  Thank you!

image 1
ONLY $65.00!!
image 1
ONLY $140.00!!!

image 1
ONLY $130.00

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