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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

And The Wheels On The Bus, Go Round and Round...

Ugh.  Me no likeie waking up like that! 
Angela and I, tuckered out from the day, turned in way early last night, but apparently I should have sat up for a little longer as the egg salad sandwiches, loaded with onions  (Don't Judge ME!) did not have enough time to settle, and...well...they woke me up at 5 am.  I had a LOT of time to play "Charm King" on my phone in the "library". 
At this point your saying to yourself "WAY to much information!!"
What can I say, I am a VERY generous person!  I LOVE to share!
So, yesterday was a treat!  Angela is getting her feet wet again!  YAY!!  After having mostly recovered from her injuries from her biking accident, over the last few weeks we have made some small sojourns to get her back on two wheels!  I applaud her courage!  The first place we actually rode was to the old Sweetbay Plaza, as that was the sight of her crash, and she wanted to "baptize by fire".  Of course, she started out slow, on her old Murray three speed, but yesterday, she took out the Trek.  THE Trek.  I removed the aero bars for her, as that's what hung her up in the first place, so she was a little more comfortable.  She gave me the rare pleasure of coming up here and hanging out for the afternoon, having lunch and then visiting while I worked.  It was real nice having her back in the fold, and of course, as it is always lucky to have her here, we got real busy with drop offs.  So today, that's my primary objective, to get them all taken care of! 
Of course, in the afternoon, we got hit by rain so things got quiet, and I spent the time putting out two more newbies with a third all but done in my rack before we had to leave and take advantage of the lull in the rain.  First was a clean looking 18 speed Ladies Dual Shock MTB, and the other, the hard to come by, 29"er!!  Took a LOT of work to get up and running, but WELL worth it!!
OK, as the day is starting to get interesting, I best sign off, but we're looking forward to seeing you all soon! 

image 1
image 1

ONLY $80.00

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