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Thursday, April 9, 2015

FINE! I'm Taking My Toys And Going Home!

Hoo-RAY for South America and the Caribbean!!!
SO, to show that advertising, and shooting off your mouth pays, we got a visit from a herd of VERY large young men in the shop yesterday.  And by large I mean TALL and broad (easy ladies...calm down...they're already gone!) that were up here (and over here I guess) by definition, to play. At first, I took that to mean they were here on vacation, but as it turns out they are here for Baseball.  OK, at this point my complete lack of ANY sports knowledge will show through, but I think they are Minor League players, as according to them, their stay's will be determined on how well they play!  According to the one gent doing the most talking, one of his compatriots, from Brazil, found our Blog while researching the area back home, and had determined, should they get over here, they all had to come pay us a visit! It also helped that the young lady showing them around was a regular customer of ours to boot!   WOWZERS!  VERY much obliged, gentleman.  They showed their appreciation for what we do, by cleaning us out of SIX bikes!  And what a HOOT!  The first three to come in, snagged up the three remaining DBS's we had, so when the other three arrived they ended up taking two 24" and a 20"!  And who should choose the sweet, little, dual shock 20"?  The TALLEST out of the six!  HA!  He was all knees on that thing but happier then a Tornado in a Trailer Park! 
Once they were gone, we looked around, blinked and realized, "WOOF!" we need more bikes!!  Sad part was, we had nothing to work with!  Well, that's not exactly true, I went out back to check and found that we had a little girls scooter and a babies tricycle.  I brought them in, cleaned them up and put them out to fill space, and no sooner had I done that, then a daddy came in with his little girl and grabbed the scooter! 
At this point, I had to take some time to make an appointment for Kaleb to see a dentist (YAY!  Try finding a dentist who takes insurance!!) and after an hour or so, lucked out.  Now, truly having nothing else, I looked around for something to keep myself busy. Nothing.  I mean, nothing!  Everything cleaned, organized, put away, built, fixed, You name it!  SOOO, I sat with my feet up watching MST3K and playing Angry Birds! 
THANKFULLY, after about a half hour of that, had a gent bring us in a truckload!  YAY!  Happy Pants Dance!  One of them was nothing but scrap, but the remaining three, while VERY rough, are definitely decent candidates!  A nice 7 speed comfort cruiser, an older, ladies Giant Hybrid and a 29'er, that I have already stripped down, repainted and am turning into a 26" BMX Crusier!  Oh, yes....I went there!  Trust me.  It's gonna look sweet when it's done! 
Also, we FINALLY found a home for the salmon colored Road Bike that has been here WAY to long!  It is an awesome ride in fantastic shape, but way too big for a lady, but WAY so a ladies color! The very tall gent who fit it perfectly admitted that as his dad did powder coating, that would be his first stop!  LOL!  I figured as much!
SO OK!  I best get a move on!  I'm going to try and bang out as much as I can before I have to head out!  I need to ride with Kaleb to the dentist this afternoon, in Palm Harbor, but I hope it won't take too long as I really want to get these out AND as I had been promising Angi, ever since we finished redecorating our room, to bring my boxes of toys into the shop, and get them out from underfoot, I want to build them a shelf here.  They have been packed away for far too long.
Yes...I admit it...I never really grew up! 
Just got older...and grayer....and plumper....
See y'all soon!

Oh!  Special Shout Out to a couple countries we haven't seen On our boards!  Well, one spot we have never seen Saudi Arabia making a nice showing and one that hasn't shown up in a while, India made a HUGE presence yesterday!  Nice to have you back! 

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