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Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Yowza, Yowza, YOWZA!
Yesterday was an odd bird! 
The day started off quiet, then "BANG!" about eleven am we got a small slam, a few repairs coming in and we sent the GORGEOUS Trek road bike to a new home!  He's one of our regulars and this marks the seventh road bike he's gotten from us.  No, he doesn't burn through them, he resells them to recently immigrated workers for transportation.  Says something for our cheap prices that he can do this at a profit!  HEY!  We have NO problem with that!  Capitalism!  The American Way! 
Then, the day flat lined, and yet again we were wandering about looking for something to keep us busy.  I had picked up a cute ladies MTB that needed some major tweaking.  It was a rebuild someone else did, and I'll give them credit, it was a valiant effort, but they had limited experience with the finer tuning aspects of bike building, but we took care of it, no worries.  Then, as the day was coming to a close and I contemplated reorganizing the parts wall (UGH!) in the last 45 minuets of the day we got SAH-LAMMED!!!! 
Yep.  We sent the ladies Western Flyer to a new home in Saint Pete.  It has been several years since I have been to that part of town (we lived there for a few year and were more then happy to leave) but from what I understand Downtown has REALLY come back to life and there is (well, there always was) a real busy bike culture there.  Apparently it has grown by leaps and bounds and the young lady who paid us a second  visit yesterday, snagged it up as a starter.  At the same time another regular, who had the misfortune of having his ride stolen last week, came in and picked up the brushed aluminum MTB (after a couple modifications he wanted) and left so excited to be riding again, he forgot his Taco dinner on the counter!  During this, we had four repairs come in, and with Kaleb and Elijah's help, we had a NASCAR Pit Crew going in the bay and banged them all out in record time as the customers waited. It was funny too, as is normally the case when I'm hanging with the boys, some deep digging jabs and insults ensue, and one gent (clearly NOT familiar with Yankees) thought we were serious!!  LOL!  NOPE!  Cutting someone down with sarcastic wit is how we show love!  Hell, you should be around the house when Angi and I really go at it!  Anyone who didn't know us would think we were about to kill each other! 
Shortly after six, as we were just starting to pack it in, one of our occasional "quick" sales happened.  A gent pulled up, walked in, and asked "What do you have for a really nice Mountain Bike?"  I pointed to the Haro, and without barely a glance he said "I'll take it"  then handed me the cash, said thanks and loaded it up and drove off.  All totaled, about a 90 second transaction!  Them's FUN! 
We headed home to find Angi taking a breather.  Lately, she has hit her occasional "FED UP" stage, and with a renewed vigor, has been making SURE the homestead is IMMACULATE!  OH, she never lets it get bad, but concentrates her efforts more on the common living areas, leaving the kiddo's rooms to their own vices.  Heh...we clean there room very easily. We just shut the doors so we can't see!  LOL!  But, I think she got a whiff of "Teenage Boy Funk" and said, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!  I can't says as I blame her on that front.  Surprising on what a few BIG trash bags and Lysol can accomplish!  And of course, she's wise enough to do it when they are at school, to avoid the inevitable barrage of "But I was SAVING that!" and "BUT THAT'S NOT TRASH!!!" 
At one point, as the house was spotlessly clean and she was in the kitchen cooking up a very wonderful dinner, I came up behind her, put my hands on her belly and jokingly asked "is someone nesting?"  She spun around, and with her best look of mock indignation, and furry barked "DON'T EVEN THINK THAT!" Then laughed, and gave me a kiss.
All I know is, it's great smelling Gain and Lysol everyday!! 
Now, I have NO clue what I am going to work on! 
But I got's me HIGH hope y'all are gonna solve that dilemma!
See ya!
image 1
ONLY $70.00!!

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