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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Really? HOW much?!

So, one of the things we provide here is helpful consumer advice!  And I got me a DOOSEY! 
SO, come cooler weather, in a desire to cut the electric bill around here, we just prop open both doors and run a couple fans, and the AC/Heat lies dormant for the entirety of the winter season.  I can handle the cold around here, no worries.  Well, once the warmer weather hit I went to crank up the AC and...nothing!  Oh boy!  The condenser was running but the air handler did nothing!  ARRGH!!  I checked the float and that worked fine, checked the breaker, it was good.  That about exhausted my talents for AC.  So, being the cheapskate I am, I just relied on the fans.  Well, it got warmer and warmer, as every Floridian knows, until yesterday, when wearing work shorts wasn't even cutting it.  I happened to catch a visit from Terry, our scrap guy (who doubles as a contractor) and he referred me to a gent he knew who was good with AC.  Biting the bullet, and fearing an ENORMOUS repair bill, I went ahead and gave him a ring.  I was only looking for a quote as I figured I would need to start rolling coins at the house and going into hock to cover what I was sure would be a taxing bill.  Some of our readers from other states (or countries) may now be saying "why not call the landlord?".  Well, here in the wonderful state of "We love land owners" Florida, the landlord of a business establishment is responsible ONLY for that which is OUTSIDE!  I'm not sure how it works elsewhere, but anything that can and will break, is the business owners responsibility! 
The gentleman let me know he would be here at the shop first thing in the morning when we opened at 9 am. 
We've had AC contractors before, they come when they want, so I didn't hold my breath.
Lo and behold, when Elijah got here a little before nine, who should be waiting for him?  YEP!  By the time I got here around 9.15 he was almost done!   It was my misstep, not alerting Elijah to the fact I only wanted a quote, as I assumed he wouldn't even be here until early afternoon, so I was cringing when I asked him "how much?" anticipating having to explain to all my other bills, why I couldn't pay this week! 
What he said made my heart stop!
twenty five dollars?
You sure you didn't put a "undred" at the end and I didn't hear it?
Yes folks!  I think I found the anomaly amongst all other truths!  An HONEST, PROMPT, RELIABLE and REASONABLY PRICED AC guy!!!
The next time you have ANY AC troubles, call "Glock Residential Services Inc., Fred Glock, (727) 423-2237.
So that was a GREAT start to our morning!  It's already starting to cool down in here! 
Happy Pants Dance!!!
Yesterday, was several looky loo's with the average compliment of repairs.  We thank you all, as usual, for your trust and support!  Sent the ladies 15 speed to a new home, as well as sprucing up his daughters bike.  Managed to put out two newbies, the Schwinn Ranger MTB we dug out of the recesses of our shed (I still have NO idea where that one came from!) and FINALLY put out the antique men's JC Higgins cruiser!!!  YAY!  Been looking at that one for a long, long time, and it's good to have it ready to go to a new home! 
Today?  Well, today I think I'm going to have to really dig for something to tinker with.  Did all the organizing yesterday, and other then a couple wheels that need to be prepped, I'm running out of ideas!  Hey, here's a thought, why don't YOU bring us something to do?  YEA!  That's it!  You could have that tune up done you've been putting off, or have us check out that weird "clunk" that happens from time to time on your ride!  OR, you could dig out those bikes from the garage or back yard you've been meaning to get out of the way, so your significant other will lay off the whole "Are you going to ride them, or WHAT!?" thing!  YEA!  That's the ticket! 
Had a relax night, last night, again.  Angi picked the flick and popped in "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark"  She keeps trying to get me to watch "scary" movies.  Now mind you, it's not so much I can't handle "scary", no, it's more the "cliché" plot courses I can't stand.  The only thing that sold me on this one was the fact it was written by Guillermo del Toro.  Now THAT man has an imagination!!  But, BOY, does he have a thing for Tooth Fairies!!  Basic premise (if you haven't already seen it) slightly dysfunctional family, living in BIG spooky Victorian mansion, heavily indebt.  Little girl (played by the older spitting image of Miranda, Bailee Madison) start to hear voices talking to her through the heating vents, then see's little rat like humanoids skittering about the place.  And they AINT' nice!  Of course, parents don't believe, call in shrink, then things go pretty much haywire.  Of course I'M the guy in the audience yelling "DON'T GO DOWN IN THE BASEMENT!!"  and "JUST THROW THE KID OVER YOUR SHOULDER AND GET THE HELL OUT OF THE HOUSE!!!" 
I mean, how many anvil's have to drop on your head before you get the picture!  Their so numb, in the early part of the movie (SPOILER ALERT)  the handyman who KNOWS the history of the house goes down in the basement to bolt up the grate on the little buggers entrance from the underworld, and they attack him with ALL his tools!  He stumbles up stairs and collapses with a bunch of hardware sticking out of his body and they call it a "dreadful accident"!?! 
"Stupid is as Stupid does!"
Yea, at this point you pretty much deserve what you get! 
But, it was a fun "interactive" movie, aside from that!
OKAY!  I guess I should go find something to do! 
Hope y'all keep us way busy today! 

image 1
ONLY $85.00!!
image 1
ONLY $150.00!!

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