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Saturday, April 25, 2015

“He felt that his whole life was some kind of dream and he sometimes wondered whose it was and whether they were enjoying it.”

Thankfully, not a philosophical morning, but a blissfully vacuous one! 
In a rare treat I was awoken and greeted by Angi this morn, as she had to get up early to see Rozy off on a school trip.  Well, I was actually awoken by the plaintive screams of Miranda, as Mama dared leave the confines of the house to greet the mother of the girl Rozy was going with.  Oh yes, Angi is very much a slave to about 4 square feet of the house, as Miranda's level of separation anxiety extends to Angi even going to the bathroom, as she MUST accompany her there, each time! We so desperately hope she grows out of this soon, as it will make her inevitable move to School Age VERY difficult! 
Last night was proof positive that it is time to switch to "Sumer Hours"!  For the last week or so, business, as it usually does once the weather turns warmer, switches to the first hour of the day and right around 5.30 pm, with several more patrons coming in as we are setting up to close. Last night we were here until around 7.30, as folks just kept coming by!  HEY, NO problem!!  We'll stick around.  Also, Angi has come up with the idea of 24 hour service, which we are kicking around the conference room!  She can remember back to the "Garage Day's" when we would be burning the Midnight Oil almost every night, and there were times we would be doing service work for folks at one O'clock in the morning!  We'll let you know on that later.
As mentioned, it was quite busy in the PM yesterday, having sent both the Dawes road bike and the Iron Horse conversion off to new homes!  They were QUITE happy with their picks, even to the point of the young lady who choose the Iron Horse vocalizing a list of "Hipster" customizations she had planned for her new ride! You Go Girl! 
Also, as to be expected, the Ladies 24" Cruiser found a home in the first hour of being open, as the lady happened to be passing by, and instantly fell in love with it, sighting how PERFECT it was!  Yea, we get a LOT of that when it comes to 24" cruisers!! And people wonder why I don't "deal" on them!  They are, like, freaking PLATINUM!!! 
This morning was a Whiz Bang as well, sending the Ezip conversion out, first thing, to a gent who got to hear my "Morning Voice" around 8 am this morning, when he called to inquire about it.  Yea, I sound a little like gravel in a disposal, but more tired! 
Not to mention, we have already had the beginning of our normal flood of Saturday repairs, which I have to jump on shortly, as I have two GEMS to work on as well!  The glorious Specialized 29'er, AND a SAH-WEET Old School Cannondale!  Jumpin Jimney!! 
So, with that, I bid you all a very fond adieu! Hope to see you soon!

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ONLY $75.00!!


  1. Hey, I'm just glad you open early! (9 a.m.) I like to get an early start on my day, heat or no heat, and your early open time really helps!

  2. I'm used to seeing the flux of people in an am/pm rush. The stores near me are empty during school hours as parents usually are at work and kids are in school. Evenings and weekends are when most people are out and about doing personal stuff from what I can tell. Can you track your sales by time of day? I'm sure there are rushes and lulls just like seasonal changes too.
    Gonna leave you with a lame quote.
    "I guess they call it fishin' for a reason."

    ps. Separation anxiety was reversed in our home. Kid went off to school and never looked back. Guess we were "overly" involved. Kid was fine and I was a wreck, go figure.

    1. Yes, seasonal is the key word! UGH! I don't mind some quite times to get ahead on work...but. As far as separation, yea, I went through the same thing when Rozy started school, and same thing, she loves it. I got over about third grade! But, that's the whole Daddy's little girl thing. I'm sure I'll be going through it again next year when Izabella starts! OY! As far as Miranda? I have the sneaking suspicion it will be a LOT like when Worf went to a human school! OH boy....

  3. Yeah, little Miranda's got a bad case of it. Maybe she figures if Mommy leaves her alone with that pack, they'll eat her like a stick of butter.

    Hopefully she'll outgrow it in ten or twelve years...

  4. Heh, Honestly when it comes to Miranda, most of the kids are afraid of HER! She's big, tough and packs a MEAN right cross! And I have the welts on my back side where she rat tailed me with a stuffed snake, NO kidding!