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Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Real Gone Guy!

I'll tell ya folks, there are times, not very often mind you, just some times you want to abandon all the precepts of good parenting and reach out and squeeze some sense into the neck of a child you brought into this world!  Oh, don't judge, because if you have kids you KNOW what I'm talking about.  I have NO doubt my parents had similar inclinations in regards to where my head belonged when I was a teenager!  At the very least, one feels the gravimetric pull of the blissful abandonment of all concerns regarding the child's "mental and emotional well being" and wants to just blurt out, in no uncertain "adult" terms exactly what they think of the ill conceived choices, motivations and justifications that any particular child may cling to! 
Nah, I'm not getting into particulars about it, nor the child driving me to thoughts of filicide, but suffice to say there is VERY little that will push me to the brink of really wanting to open my mouth and let all the vitriol spill forth in unabashed fervor, but, tasting blood, I bit down on my tongue and saved myself from the inevitable regret I would have had to endure afterwards.  However, the gnawing frustrations feverishly devouring my gut may take some time to abate.  Such is, I believe, the true tenants of parenting, the inevitable clash of ones own knowledge of right and wrong versus the burgeoning personality and morality construct of another human bound to you by blood.  One you feel an unwavering responsibility to teach, while at the exact same moment realizing, continuously, that they will have to take from it, what they will, in an attempt to define their OWN directions, whether or not it is in accordance with yours!
You just have to pick up the pieces while at the same time refrain from pulling out your own hair!
ANYWHO!  This is my coping mechanism folks!  Put it all down in words, using modern day ink and parchment to bury it, and move on!
SO, let's steer away from melancholy and veer head long into the day, yesterday!  Started out WHIZ BANG, with the Schwinn Sidewinder finding a new home first thing, post haste,  Then, shortly thereafter, a returning gent, who has been diligently waiting for the Specialized 29er we have waiting for clearance (fifteen day waiting period after we purchased it) and decided to secure it as HIS before someone else did with a deposit.  Then.....the day flat lined!  UGH!  Always trying to see the brighter side, we did utilize the time wisely and pumped out three new gems!  And I mean PEACHES!!  First, is another DBS in the form of a lightweight Schwinn Ranger MTB!  Very nice and CHEAP!!  THEN, it was on to the Dawes Triathlon 21 speed!  Oh this one is SAH-WEET!!  Lightweight frame, NEW tires, you have GOT to check this one out!  After a side step to do some tear-downs to get a few things out of the way, it was on to the EZip Comfort Bike we had gotten in earlier.  Once an electric bike, we stripped off all the motor guts and controllers, and with a few tweaks turned it into a real sturdy 7 speed comfort hybrid! This one is a PERFECT "BIG BOY!!"  Having been built to support both the weight of the rider and the motor, it's built extra tough, with oversized hubs, dual wall alloy rims, 12 gauge spokes, and a reinforced frame!!  AWESOME!! 
Today, I have the Iron Horse Urban in my rack and ready for a single speed conversion!  Going with a two to one ratio on it (Uncle Chippie is grinning) and have all the goodies laid out.  Once that one is finished, I have a nice 24" dual shock Triax "in a bucket" and two 20"er kiddo rides to keep me busy!  I can pray that folks bring me in something more to work on, but given the dark gray clouds and persistent precipitation plaguing poor pedestrians, purloining pleasurable pedaling, perhaps preempting prior promises. I presume poorly.
Sorry....had to P!
OKEY DOKE!  With that poorly produced pun, I am outta here!

image 1
ONLY $160.00!!
image 1
ONLY $120.00!!
image 1

ONLY $75.00!!!


  1. Thank you, Steven!

    I know you are more of a Big Gear kinda guy, but that 2 to 1 gear ratio is more pleasant for us mere mortals. Hopefully the buyer will appreciate it.

    The Dawes and Ezip conversion look GREAT, by the way!

    As for child rearing, I must, for you, quote The Cos, who said to his:

    "I brought you into this world, I can take you out."

    Good luck on that front, my friend.

  2. By the way, Steven-

    If you've ever wondered why more people don't add comments to your truly cool blog, try adding one yourself. To post what I wrote above, I was shown a dozen photos of food, and had to click on all of the ones that were sushi. It was like a firewall made of wasabi.

    And I swear to you that I am not joking.

    Can't wait to see what it takes to get this one posted!