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Thursday, April 16, 2015

I Just Called To See What Condition My Condition Was In.

SO, ok....that happened.
Well, Elijah got his first distaste of contract labor.  Without knowing it, the job he snagged for the lawn maintenance company was just a temp gig.  They were sodding and mulching a string of Hospitals in Tampa, and once the work was was he. 
Back to square one.
Of course, the teenage ego seems to be under the impression that, seeing as he worked and handed the cash over for expenses, he shouldn't have to be in any rush to find another anytime soon.  That's not to say he's not sitting at the desk with the computer open to Craigslist, but more often then not, when I glance over his head is down and he's putzin with his cell phone with the headphones in . 
Just gettin' kinda worn out on this.
I hate to beat a dead horse, but my parents, bless their hearts, taught me from a VERY young age, that if I wanted something, beyond the basic necessities they provided, I had to WORK for it!  Sure, it took some time for my whining to stop and finally get the point, but the FIRST time someone handed me a stash of cash for work I did, I was hooked!  Now, I could buy my OWN stuff!!  Angi and I have TRIED to instill this in the kiddo's...but...Kaleb seems to be the only one who really gets it!
OK, I'll not drag this out.  Lamenting over it all is really getting thread barren!
SO, yesterday, we had several looky loo's but we didn't have exactly what they were looking for.  Also seem to be a day for "Bargain Shoppers".  Hey, I have NO problem with the concept of getting something cheap, but do some folks really think they can find a completely refurbed, adult sized bike, of a higher quality then Wal-Mart stock, for twenty bucks? 
I mean, seriously.  We are MORE then welcome to work with folks, but there are limits.  My simple response to that kind of an offer is "Would you take only half your current salary for doing the same amount of work?"
Yes folks, in a wee bit of a mood this morning.  Not a bad one, just what my wife would describe as "cocky". 
We did luck out yesterday and got in a SWEET Trek 7200 "BIG BOY"!!  And for the price of a tube change!  OK, that may sound like we took advantage of the gent, but you didn't see the ride BEFORE we re-furbed it!  WOOF!! He KNEW he had a rough ride with this one!  We had to replace...well, the shorter list is what we DIDN'T replace!  The frame...yep, that's all we could salvage out of what was there.  But she is a whole creature now and gratefully ready to roll again!
Today we Heck!  I have NO idea WHAT I'm gonna work on!  I actually broke down and reorganized the wall and dusted yesterday!
That's just HOW bored I got! was MAN dusting!  IE:  special attachment to a compressor set at 100 psi!  MORE POWER!!  Blew a couple pictures of the wall before I set the pressure back! 
Please Oh PLEASE bring me something to do today!
OK, enough pitiful groveling, check out the newbie, and I'm going to wander the parapet.
See ya!

image 1
ONLY $160.00!!!

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